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Designed by a consortium of large defense contractor companies and manufactured at TL–11, variants of these vehicles are common across the Distant Fringe. These were license built for the Firstworlds at Tal Varisa (world). Variations on this basic design Grav APC, serve a variety of armies and marine formations. The vehicle has a crew of two: driver, gunner/commander and can carry eight troopers equipped for battle. These probably date from models used during the Scybrian Wars. Users include the High Senate, the Enlightened and the Yimin Jiti.

Grav APC
Tech Level TL–11
Mass 3 dton
Cost Cr2,333,485
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Armored Personnel Carrier
Speed maximum 780kph
cruise 585kph
NOE 150kph
Cargo 0
Crew 2 Driver, Gunner/Commander
Passengers 8
Armament Rapid Pulse Plasma Gun
5x TAC missile rails

Firstworlds 3T Grav APC, TL 11[edit]

This design is sealed with life support for the crew and eight passengers in vacuum and protected forces roles. It features a good balance between armor, weapons load but speed suffers due to the input required for the rapid pulse point defense plasma gun. Traditionally deployed in companies of ten APCs with 20 crew and 80 dismounts, support units are concentrated at higher levels. One of the fundamental trade offs in the design was the need to cut the size of the fusion reactor to facilitate room for the passengers. This lowered power output limited the weapons selection and vehicle speed, their top speed is slower than the Grav Tanks. Both designs crawl at the same speed with weapons powered up. Dense crystaliron armor mass had to be cut as well to retain some limited mobility. The TAC missiles appear as an inexpensive afterthought and are effectively limited to the detection range of the target acquisition LADAR. Almost half of the Grav APC's volume is dedicated to delivering a small squad of protected forces troopers to the FEBA and to provide point defense support for those troops until exfiltration. They have a more limited electronics suite as a cost savings feature. The fuel tank is smaller and as result the vehicle has a shorter time on station endurance of under 12 hours. The plasma gun is lighter than the VRF and has better penetration at short range, yet struggles against thickly armored targets. The heavy warheads of the TAC missiles are required for anti-armor work.


Height: 2m (+0.5m turret); Width: 4m; Length: 5m.
Total usable volume: 42m³
Total mass loaded: 108 metric tons
Hull Material: Crystaliron
Armor: Turret all faces and chassis front 50; chassis sides, 42; chassis rear, belly and deck 34.
Target Size DMs: +2 low, +0 high hits
Production Cost: Cr2,333,485


The Grav APC has two different modes: Weapons Powered and Weapons Off. The Grav APC has 0.66 maneuver Gs when the rapid pulse plasma gun is powered down and 0.1 maneuver Gs when the weapon is ready to fire. NOE flight is limited by available TL–11 avionics and 118.8 tons of available thrust with the plasma gun charged.

Weapons Powered mode: Maximum, 120kph / 100cm; Cruise, 90kph / 75cm, NOE 30kph/25cm.
Weapons Off mode: Maximum, 780kph / 650cm; Cruise, 585kph/ 487.5cm, NOE 150kph/125cm.
Movement effect on fire: None


Full weapons stabilization.

Turret Mounted Rapid Pulse Plasma Gun[edit]

This plasma gun has a 6.12 MW input, and a 0.7344 MW output. This leaves the vehicle with just enough power to move very slowly. The weapon must be powered down to allow rapid advance or retreat which is a serious tactical limitation of the design. It is a custom design and is fitted with TL–11 point defense fire control which rolls 8d6 versus indirect fire rounds. The weapon has some burst radius in addition to impact penetration for greater area effect against adjacent targets at short and medium ranges. It can engage two target per firing phase, has a +2 DM to hit and is automatically spotted when it fires.

Direct Fire Characteristics: Rapid Pulse Plasma Gun
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
856m (35)/10m(9) 1,713m (22)/10m(6) 3,427m (2)

TAC Missiles[edit]

There are five 64.781kg capacity launch rails in a pod on the side of the turret. They use a 25cm HEAP 58 warhead and have a 13.8km range, or a 3.8km range with a +10 DM high velocity interceptor variant. It takes two crew members to manually reload these missiles externally if additional rounds are available. No reloads are normally carried. The homing missiles struggle to achieve intercepts against vehicles protected with advanced ECM abilities. Five missiles are included in the price, a target designated variety is under development.

Characteristics: HEAP Warhead Missiles
Type Range Price
Homing 13.8 km or 3.8km +10 DM Cr523.781

Power / Equipment:[edit]

Power: a custom 18 megawatt fusion power plant
consumes 27 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 312.8 liters, enough for 11.5 hours.
  • Sealed environment with extended life support for 2 crew and 8 passengers (proof against CBR/NBC threats);
  • laser sensor 5+ to detect linked to 100 bottles of prismatic aerosols
  • map box
  • thermal and image enhancement
  • 1,000 power maser communicator
  • 5,000 power radio
  • 20 power target acquisition LADAR


Vehicle 5

Electronics 26

Weapons 32

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