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Dragon Magazine was originally designed to support the roleplaying industry in general and grew into a house organ for TSR.

  • It was a periodical that regularly featured Traveller articles.
  • The last Dragon Magazine article to feature Traveller content materials was issue 120 in 1987 CE.
  • After 1987, many periodicals were increasingly transformed into company magazines only featuring the flagship products of their owners.
  • Occasional product reviews still occurred after that date of 1987.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Dragon Magazine featured a number of articles in the early years of Traveller, even publishing them while TSR sci-fi RPG game titles coexisted alongside Trav. The industry later changed.

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  1. EXTERNAL LINK: DragonDex Complete Dragon Index

Traveller Articles in Dragon Magazine[edit]

Issues #1 to #50[edit]

Dragon Magazine Articles
Title Author Issue Page Date Remarks
Strategy of Survival, The Edward C. Cooper Issue 18 3 September 1978 An exploration of the log view of character generation
Asimov Cluster, The William B. Fawcett Issue 20 20 November 1978 Exploring detailing scenes from sci-fi novels, including Asimov's Foundation Trilogy
Traveller Navy Wants To Join You, The R.D. Stuart Issue 25 20 May 1979 An attempt at Advanced Navy Character generation before High Guard was released
Tesseracts: A Traveller Artifact Gary Jordan Issue 27 16 July 1979 An interesting Artifact.
Traveller: Star System Generation Gary Jordan Issue 27 18 July 1979 Adds on to our potentially supersedes the earliest LBB scout book.
Traveller Politician, The Rick Stuart Issue 32 24 December 1972 New advanced character generation for "Politicians" before Diplomats and Bureaucrats
IBIS: Profit and Peril Kenneth Burke Issue 35 7 March 1980 Imperial organization.
Useful Skills Alexander von Thorn Issue 35 8 March 1980 Breaking down the Administration skill
'Other' Option, The Charles Ahner & Rick Stuart Issue 35 9 March 1980 Expanding options for "Other" character generation
More Clout For Scouts Anthony Previte & James Cavaliere Issue 35 10 March 1980 IISS article.
Black Holes! James Hopkins Issue 35 11 March 1980 A curious astrographic phenomenon.
Canard, A Traveller Adventure Roberto Camino Issue 43 35 November 1980 One of the earliest mentions of the Deep Core Tap.

Issues #51 to #100[edit]

Dragon Magazine Articles
Title Author Issue Page Date Remarks
Make Your Own Aliens Roger E. Moore Issue 51 7 TBD Great article on how to make your exotic lifeforms more alien.
Plotting a Course for Choosy Players Jefferson P. Swycaffer Issue 51 9 TBD TBD
New Ideas For Old Ships Paul M. Crabaugh Issue 51 11 TBD Great article how to make your ships more individual and distinctive.
In Defense of Computers Paul M. Crabaugh Issue 51 13 TBD TBD
Masers & Cameras Paul M. Crabaugh Issue 51 15 TBD Advanced weapons, sensors, and recording devices.
Miller Milk Bottle, The Marc Miller Issue 51 16 TBD A curious gimmick.
Merchants Deserve More, Too Dennis Matheson Issue 53 60 TBD TBD
Filling In Skills Jon Mattson Issue 55 52 TBD TBD
Anything But Human Jon Mattson Issue 58 65 TBD TBD
Translating Skitterbuggers Into Traveller Steve Winter Issue 59 32 TBD TBD
Exonidas Spaceport Jefferson P. Swycaffer Issue 59 33-48 March 1982 Neat illustrated ship chart and a full write-up of a star system, its starport, and its local navy.
Robots: Mechanical Sidekicks For Traveller Players Jon Mattson Issue 64 46 TBD Detailed write up on robots.
Dwarves In Space Roger E. Moore Issue 70 27 TBD Geonee or Dwarves, you be the judge!
Relief For Traveller Nobility Paul M. Crabaugh Issue 73 26 TBD TBD
Preventing Complacency In Traveller Gaming Roger E. Moore Issue 85 77 TBD TBD
Interstellar Athletes Michael Brown Issue 86 80 TBD TBD
Luna: Travellers Guide Marc Miller Issue 87 75 TBD Marc has since allowed this article to be shared and otherwise released to the greater public.
Does Anyone Here Speak Aslan? Joseph Benedetto, Jr. Issue 91 71 TBD The language of the Aslan, now known as Trokh.
Antimissiles and Roundshot Jefferson P. Swycaffer Issue 95 76 Mar 85 New High Guard weapons for Traveller gaming
Rogues of the Galaxy Igor Greenwald Issue 97 71 May 85 An expanded Traveller class

Issues #101 to #120[edit]

Dragon Magazine Articles
Title Author Issue Page Date Remarks
Stellar Diocese, The Michael Brown Issue 101 83 September 1985 Basic Clergy character generation
Active Duty Jefferson P. Swycaffer Issue 102 80 October 1985 Roll playing while still in your career
Of Nobbles and Men Paul Vernon Issue 103 71 TBD TBD
Hexes and High Guard Jefferson P. Swycaffer Issue 104 74 TBD TBD
High Tech and Beyond James Collins Issue 108 78 April 1986 Globe crackers and smart computers
Double-Helix Connection, The Michael Brown Issue 109 82 May 1986 Mutants and mutations
Star Cops! Terrance McInnes Issue 113 88 May 1986 TBD
Aim and Burn William A. Barton Issue 116 90 TBD TBD
Space-Age Espionage John Dunkelberg, Jr. Issue 120 64 TBD TBD

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Dragon magazine was born in 1976, as an outgrowth of the popularity of Dungeons and Dragons.

  • Between 1976 and 2002 Dragon was published by TSR, and then by Wizards of the Coast.
  • Although Dragon Magazine was originally designed to support the roleplaying industry in general, it has always been primarily a house organ for TSR's (or more recently Wizards of the Coast's) role-playing games with a particular focus on D&D.
  • In 2002, Paizo Publishing acquired the rights to publish Dragon under license from Wizards of the Coast.

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