Devout class Tracked AFV

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Devout class Tracked AFV
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Unpublished, non-canon vehicle design.
Tech Level TL–5
Mass 10 dton
Cost 311,552.75
Mode Ground (Tracked)
Type Armored Fighting Vehicle
Speed 80kph
Cargo none
Crew 3 commander, gunner, and driver
Passengers 9
Armament MMG, Auto Cannon
Manufacturer Various
Also see TBD
These are deployed by the forces of the Tenjada Moralitate.

The Devout class Tracked AFV is a TL-5 Armored Fighting Vehicle.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Devout class Tracked AFV, TL-5: The vehicle has 31.25 mm of soft steel armor. Designers wanted to ensure good cross country mobility so a massive set of tracks were installed, rated to support up to 207 tons of vehicle. The vehicle will never get stuck under any cross country conditions. Fortunately the ICE power plant can generate 6.4 MW of power to produce decent speed. As a result this vehicle is actually faster than some of its contemporaries. The vehicle is sealed with life support for 12 to protect against CBR/NBC threats. At one point it was considered for amphibious operations, and had an auxiliary water propulsion system fitted. As the vehicles mass climbed, it began evident it would never float and the space was converted to fuel tankage. There is a single medium machine gun, mounted in a cupolas on the chassis deck. The high velocity, four barreled auto cannon is mounted in an open mount on the chassis deck, making a high profile vehicle even more conspicuous.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Army and IISS Universal Vehicle Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (of ten craft) carried on the vehicle when applicable. Tonnage on the universal vehicle profile is shown in kilotons (thousands of tons) where necessary.

Basic Vehicle Characteristics
#. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage Total mass loaded: 156.4425 metric tons.
  • Vehicle Dimensions: 4m wide, 3.5m tall, 10m long, +5 low hits
  • Total usable volume: 140m³
2. Crew x3 crew: driver, commander, and gunner
3. Performance Movement:
  • The power to weight ratio is 40.2703 and the ground pressure is 5.21475 tons/m2. Road speed is 80kph/67cm, Cross-country 48kph/40cm.
4. Electronics Equipment: 5,000 power radio, headlights, bulldozer blade (armor value 15), 2 ton capacity crane, radio direction finder, and a medical kit.
5. Hardpoints A fully rotating, manned open mounted auto cannon on a turn table on the chassis deck, toward the rear of the vehicle, and a cupolas mounted MMG on the chassis deck toward the front of the vehicle.
6. Armament Weapons:
  • 4cm four barreled, high velocity, gas operated Auto Cannon: Has +1 signature, and can engage 16 targets. It has TL–5 direct and indirect fire control. The vehicle is fitted with a fire direction center as well, which allows it to coordinate its own indirect fire missions without higher echelon chain of command. There is no weapon stabilization for accurate fire on the move. The vehicle must stop and set up for 4 turns to conduct indirect fire missions. If it moves less than half speed it has -4 FFP/No EFP, if more than 1/2 speed no accurate fire. The indirect fire accuracy is -4 up to 3km and -8 to hit up to 6km range. The vehicle comes with 3,200 rounds of ammunition for the weapon, HE, KEAP or smoke included in the purchase price. This is enough for 20 fire phases.
Direct Fire Characteristics: Direct Fire Characteristics: 4cm Auto Cannon with (KEAP/KEAPER) ammo
Effective Range: 400m (600m)+5
Long Range: 800m (1,000m)+4
Extreme Range: 2,000m (2,500m)+2
  • Medium Machine Gun: Has +2 signature, and can engage 8 targets. It requires no fire control system and has no weapon stabilization. If it moves less than half speed it has -4 FFP/No EFP, if more than 1.2 speed no accurate fire. The vehicle comes with 3,200 rounds of ammunition for the weapon, included in the purchase price. This is enough for 40 fire phases.
Direct Fire Characteristics: Direct Fire Characteristics: MMG
Effective Range: 400m (3)+4
Long Range: 750m (2)+3
Extreme Range: 1,200m (2)+1
7. Defenses 10 Smoke Dischargers
  • Hull Material: Soft Steel
  • Armor: Chassis all faces 10.
  • Target Size DMs: +5 low, no high hits, except for the weapon mount.
8. Craft None.
9. Fuel Fuel capacity 18,751 liters, the 6.3 MW ICE power plant consumes 5,670 liters/hour, it carries enough for 3.4 hours.
10. Cost Production Cost: Cr. 311,552.75
11. Construction Time 2 weeks.
12. Comments It is equipped with a no guidance packages for operator guided missiles.
13. Maintenance
  • Vehicle 8
  • Electronics 23
  • Weapons 2
  • Suspension 1
4cm Auto Cannon Rounds Characteristics: Rounds Available
Type Effect Price
HE 5/-/- Cr8
KEAP 20/18/16 Cr8
KEAPER 18/16/14 Cr8.8
Smoke 1cmx1cm Cr8
Illum 10cm Cr16
Chemical 1cmx1cm, 4 turns, Lethal, NP Cr16

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Devout class Tracked AFV was designed and manufactured at TL–5, these vehicles are manufactured for the Tenjada Moralitate in Mavuzog and Theta Borealis Sectors. The TL–5 Lospari Marines had a requirement for a vacuum capable armed ATV. This vehicle is capable of limited protected forces duty but has limitations. The soft steel hull armor falls short of the standards for starship hulls and doesn't provide the shielding versus radiation that is considered necessary for protracted vacuum duty. The electrical motor and battery array was experimented with in conjunction with a closed loop fuel cell. These proved problematic to get the required power output to move the mass. The air breathing, internal combustion engine is reliable but at the rated megawatt output consumes massive amounts of distilled hydrocarbons. This limits the operational duration and range. The Lospari high command wanted an all-in-one weapon system. The auto cannon with KEAP rounds is vicious versus vehicles and personnel. But it has been pressed into service as an indirect fire platform. The range is OK but the accuracy suffers. It will put 160 rounds down range in a hurry but lacks an effective high explosive round to take advantage, and adjusting fire is anyone's guess. Platoons of marines typically have five of these massive tracks. Companies have 240 marines in four platoons and are tactical, it is the battalions that concentrate support units. The gunners like the indirect fire mode, because in a direct fire engagement they have no protection, not even a gun shield. Follow-on versions may get a turret for better protection to martyr fewer gunners for the cause. They arrive fully fueled. At one point in their development it was decided by clergy that they should have their own combat engineering capabilities built in, thus the dozer blade and the crane. This does allow them to build fighting positions and aids in reloading ammo.

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