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Craig Anton Horvath, Duke of Daibei (b 1063)

Certainly one of the most quietly brilliant men in the Imperium, Craig was a completely unknown quantity to his people when the news of Strephon's assassination arrived in Daibei in late 1116.

A career Imperial Naval officer, Craig had selected the navy's technical branch, and had never once held a command, and never once been decorated. However, retiring as a Fleet Admiral to his fief on Warinir, he brought with him a tremendous lifetime of training in leadership and organization, proving again the old wisdom, "there is no fitting preparation for a king than to have been trained in the navy."

Since 1118 when he headed the de facto secession from the Imperium, he has expertly held off the incursions of the Solomani. This he has also done without attracting attention to himself, another skill he probably has learned in the politically charged Imperial Navy.

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