Chosen Cluster

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Eleven systems in Corridor’s Beta Quadrant outside of the Third Imperium. This is a cluster on the boundary between the Corridor Sector and the Provence Sector. It is sandwiched between the Ushamla Main (to Spinward and Rimward) and the Windhorn's Edge Trace (to Coreward and Trailing).

Known as the Ackaeck Cluster by the Vargr and Chosen Cluster by the Imperium.

Corridor – Ten Systems

Lemish (Corr C) – 7

  1. Dhouthits (Corr 2201)
  2. Double Sun (Corr 2304)
  3. Dzaedenforr (Corr 2202)
  4. Foengos (Corr 2102)
  5. Ngaethaena (Corr 2403)
  6. Vikenngis (Corr 2101)
  7. Voegrr (Corr 2303)

Narrows (Corr D) – 3

  1. Ackaeck (Corr 2502)
  2. Chosen (Corr 2603)
  3. Kidagir (Corr 2503)

Provence – One System

Uekhourg (Prov O) – 1

  1. Arr Laen (Prov 2240)

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