Career Book 2

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Career Book 2
Author John GriffithsRichard HazlewoodNik Kraakenes
Publisher Spica Publishing
Version Mongoose Traveller
Format Book (Softback) (PDF)
Language English
Pages 52
Year Published 2009
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
SP 0102
ISBN 978-0-9560893-2-8

Career Book 2 is a Spica Publishing vocation source book designed for Mongoose Traveller.

The sequel to Spica Publishing's highly successful Career Book 1 contains:

  • Two alternative methods for generating Background Skills;
  • An alternative Injury Table;
  • University and Graduate School pre-career options
  • Two new skills: Manipulation and Psychohistory, and an expanded Trade skill

14 new careers for use in any given Traveller game or campaign:

  1. ATHLETE: Striving for accolades, athletes compete in games spanning subsectors. It's the winning that matters!
  2. CHANCER: Lying, cheating, stealing, and deceit: the tools of the trade of the Chancer, who can only win as long as someone else loses.
  3. COMPANION: Whether you're down-trodden and poor, or high-class and rich, everyone pays a price in the oldest profession.
  4. COSMONAUT: Making a living in space can be hard work, with cargo pods to be moved, repairs to be made and people to be rescued!
  5. ENFORCER: Thug, bully boy, heavy: names mean nothing to you. Getting a result for your boss means everything!
  6. INSURGENT: Working within the government, you work in the background, helping those who seek to overthrow the government.
  7. MEDIA PRACTITIONER: Lights! Camera! Action! Whether it's a soap opera, a documentary or a quiz show, you're the one who makes it shine!
  8. MYSTIC WARRIOR: You're searching for the truth both within and without, and enjoying a fight along the way!
  9. POLITICIAN: Greed, money, power, and votes: when you're a politician, you need plenty of these!
  10. PORT AUTHORITY: You make sure the right cargo gets to the right ship, the ships get off the pad and that the taxes on the cargos have been paid!
  11. PRISONER: Whether you're a common criminal, a political agitator or a prisoner of war: behind bars, everyone has one thought - to get out!
  12. PUPPETEER: These alien experimenters are happy to wait to see the outcome of their experiments on other societies.
  13. SECRET POLICE: The Secret Police know what everyone is doing, what everyone is saying and where everyone is going!
  14. SLAVE: Your life is in the hands of your master or mistress, their every wish a command, and every command an order!

The book also contains 54 pre-generated characters. Three are from each of the new careers, plus 14 multi-career characters (generated using both the Traveller Main Book and Career Book 2) in case a situation arises in which the Referee or players need extra characters.

Requires the use of the Traveller Core Rulebook, available from Mongoose Publishing.


John Griffiths, Richard Hazlewood, Nik Kraakenes
John Griffiths
Nik Kraakenes
John Griffiths, Kevin Hazlewood, Richard Hazlewood, Nik Kraakenes

Table of Contents[edit]

Career Book 2
Section Page/s
Introduction 2
Background Skills 4
New Careers 12
Pre-generated characters 42

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Athlete
  2. Chancer
  3. Companion
  4. Cosmonaut
  5. Enforcer
  6. Insurgent
  7. Manipulation
  8. Media Practitioner
  9. Mystic Warrior
  10. Politician
  11. Port Authority Man
  12. Prisoner
  13. Psychohistory
  14. Puppeteer
  15. Secret Police
  16. Slave
  17. Vocation


  1. Freelance Traveller 002
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