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Manipulation is a uniquely Hiver phenomenon and the primary way for Hivers to modify, or change, not only their own Hiver society but those societies of other sophonts as well.

  • The act of Manipulation is an accepted activity within Hiver society, which accords great respect and admiration from the population in general to the successful manipulator.
  • Manipulation success is the primary way for individuals to achieve a lasting sort of fame in Hiver society. Manipulation is one of the primary means of high achievement and success in Hiver society.
  • Please also see article Serious exobiology:How Hivers could have evolved for related information.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Manipulator Title[edit]

The title "Manipulator" is given to those select individuals who attempt to alter the course of society and history by changing or redirecting events toward a goal of their own choosing. Manipulators are important figures in Hiver culture: they are respected and powerful, but constrained by certain basic cultural values. Successful manipulators often use the prefix M. (...for manipulator).

Components of Manipulation[edit]

Manipulation is rigidly defined by the Hivers to include four components: the deed, the manipulator, the consequences, and the claim of credit. Each component has been carefully refined and defined, and its requirements must be carefully met for it to be accepted.

1. Manipulator[edit]

The manipulator is the person who performs the deed. A manipulator may be open and direct, or may work behind the scenes. In all cases, a true manipulation calls for the manipulator to be a single person, working alone and totally responsible for the act. If more than one person performs the deed, the act is not a true manipulation.

2. Deed[edit]

The deed itself is the stimulus which sets the manipulation into motion. The deed must be premeditated, and it must be the minimum deed necessary. As such, the deed must be carefully recorded (originally in writing; currently, manipulators maintain elaborate explanatory video and graphic records) in order to support a later claim of credit. Premeditation of the deed also includes a prediction of the consequences and their effects. The finesse of the manipulator is judged by the degree and complexity of the deed; great finesse is assumed when the deed is small and innocuous, and lesser finesse is assumed if the deed is more direct or complex.

3. Consequences[edit]

The consequences of the deed are the results of the initial act. There are obvious results of any deed, and evaluation of any manipulation ignores them; the unobvious effects are the true effects of manipulation. The manipulator must predict them correctly.

4. Claim of Credit[edit]

The claim of credit is the final step in a successful manipulation. The manipulator must reveal the manipulation and present its evidence of responsibility and its prediction of the consequences. Upon evaluation, the event is then acknowledged as a manipulation (or not) and proper records are made. Acknowledged manipulators are accorded a courtesy title of Manipulator (abbreviated M.) in respect for their deeds.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The First Manipulation: The first manipulation in Hiver society was also one of the first recorded deeds in Hiver history.

1. Manipulation (Background) The First Manipulator[edit]

About 10,000 years ago, M. Primus (the Anglic translation of the manipulator's name) was a nest leader in one of ten citystates on a mountainous peninsula of Guaran, the Hiver homeworld. All of the city-states were struggling to build and maintain their economies, but were constrained by the mountains; instead all viable trade took the long route by sea around the peninsula.

2. Manipulation (History) M. Primus' Deed[edit]

Primus proposed to a meeting of city leaders that a road be built across the peninsula, complete with tunnels through the impassable mountains, to connect all of the city-states. Primus emphasized the commercial and trade benefits that could be expected. The idea became popular and was implemented.

3. Manipulation (History) The Consequences[edit]

Within ten years, all ten city-states were connected by a road that greatly shortened travel time between them. Within fifteen years, several of the previously inaccessible mountain valleys in the peninsula interior were settled by newly formed nests. Primus' city-state became a trade center for these new settlements; with trade came power and importance. As the years passed, the city-states found that their interests were more common than separate, and within thirty years, the ten city-states had united into a new nation-state — the first to be established on Guaran.

4. Manipulation (History) Claim of Credit[edit]

At a celebration of the founding of the nation-state. Primus climaxed the festivities by revealing its manipulation. Everyone in attendance immediately acknowledged Primus' deed, and it has since been recorded as the first true manipulation.

At this point, the record becomes semi-mythical:

  • One ending has Primus being elevated to leader of the new nation state.
  • The other has Primus banished as too dangerous to the community.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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