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Generic Automatic Rifle
Auto-Rifle-WH-Keith-Starter-Trav-Pg-24 20-July-2018a.jpg
Generic Automatic Rifle
Group: Ranged Weapon
Tech Level TL–6
Size 1,000mm
Weight 5,500 grams
Cost Cr1,000
Ammo 6mm bullet, x30 rounds
Manufacturer Various
Generic Automatic Rifle

An Automatic Rifle (5,500 grams loaded; Cr1,020; TL-6) is a highly refined and tuned version of the rifle, capable of full automatic fire as well as semi-automatic shots. [1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Normally, the automatic rifle fires in bursts of four bullets for each pull of the trigger. It may be switched to semi-automatic fire after a firing burst, in which case it is treated as a rifle until switched back. Ammunition and magazines are identical to those used for the rifle. The automatic rifle is equipped with a sling (which allows the weapon to be slung from the shoulder while carried in the ready to fire position), a bipod, and a muzzle brake to steady the gun while firing. [2]

Some versions of the automatic rifle are available which use 100 round belts of ammunition (...not usable in rifles, however). Such belts cost the equivalent of six loaded magazines and weigh 2,500 grams. Reloading with a new belt requires several minutes. [3]

Image Repository[edit]

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Weapon Characteristics[edit]

Length: 1,000mm. Weight, unloaded: 5,000 grams (loaded magazine: 500 grams). Base price: Cr1,000. [4] Base price: Cr1000 (loaded magazine: Cr20; complete 100-round belt: Cr120). [5]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The “Automatic Rifle” is a natural development of rifle technology, which gradually developed the ability to project more bullets downrange at the enemy going through single shot (…usually bolt action) to semi-automatic and now automatic capabilities. Few autorifles use fully automatic fire for any but supporting troops and the average infantryman uses small bursts (…often three-bullet bursts) rather than wasteful and often inaccurate automatic fire barrages. [6]

Auto Rifles come of age in the TL:4-6 epoch and are never really considered obsolete as they remain useful well into the TL:13-15 epoch. However, the weapon tends to be superceded by the Assault Rifle and the ACR. By TL:13-15, Plasma Weaponry and Gauss Rifles tend to predominate. [7]

Selected Automatic Rifle Models[edit]

  1. TL-4 Auto Rifle
  2. TL-5 Auto Rifle
  3. TL-6 Auto Rifle
    1. 7mm Auto Rifle
  4. TL-7 Auto Rifle
  5. TL-8 Auto Rifle
  6. TL-9 Auto Rifle
  7. TL-10 Auto Rifle
  8. TL-11 Auto Rifle
  9. TL-12 Auto Rifle
  10. TL-13 Auto Rifle
  11. TL-14 Auto Rifle
  12. TL-15 Auto Rifle

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