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The Amoretti Group is an astrographic feature located in the Reaver's Deep Sector and the Daibei Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Amoretti Group is a cluster of eight systems.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The highest population world in the cluster, with approximately nine million inhabitants, is Sotto (Zhemi Subsector, 0424). The lowest population world in the cluster is Ostia (Zhemi Subsector, 0124) with approximately sixty inhabitants.

The cluster is named for the explorer Carlo Amoretti who first mapped the it early in the Rule of Man. His lineage traced back to a prominent peninsula on Terra itself called Italy. This lineage, along with his fascination with Terran history, resulted in the names associated with all of the cluster’s worlds save one.

At Kaduggur Amoretti discovered a small kimashagur Vilani settlement established by dissidents during the latter years of the Ziru Sirka. They made the trip in a sub-light “sleeper” ship (the group being unable to obtain the necessary jump drives). Kaduggur was not the dissident’s original destination (Amoretti did not log what the original destination was) but the ship experienced a serious malfunction and the group awoke to find themselves orbiting what was to become Kaduggur. Amoretti dutifully logged the last planet he explored in the group under its Vilani name.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

The Amoretti Group is found in the following areas:

World Member Data for the Amoretti Group (by subsector)[edit]

The mainworlds found in the Amoretti Group are;

  1. Urlaqqash Subsector
    1. Kaduggur
  2. Zhemi Subsector
    1. Locri
    2. Luna
    3. Ostia
    4. Persistance
    5. Sotto
    6. Troy
    7. Zypher

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this astrographic feature:

8 of 8 World articles in Amoretti Group
Kaduggur  •  Locri  •  Luna (Da 0123)  •  Ostia  •  Persistance  •  Sotto  •  Troy (Da 0324)  •  Zypher  •  
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