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House Aledon is in tremendous favor of the standing Emperor and has distinguished itself mightily.

  • Archduke Norris is the current head of house.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

House Aledon is a force of note within the Marches and their network of contacts and power base are well established.

House Geneology[edit]

Main line[edit]

  • Caranda ? Aledon. 1st Duke of Regina.
  • Nobert ? Aledon (969-1030). 11th Duke of Regina.
  • Marcia ? Aledon. Younger sister of Nobert. Ancestress of the Aledons of Clearwater (see below). Non-canonical.
  • Albert Shumma Aledon (987-1064). 1st issue of Nobert. 12th Duke of Regina. Married Tara Ling. Non-canonical.
  • Nathan Shumma Aledon. 2nd issue of Nobert. Married Amelia Jesten. Non-canonical.
  • Willem Caranda Aledon (1027-1098). 1st issue of Albert. 13th Duke of Regina. Married Fiorella Havasu Aella
  • Rachel Estelle Aledon (1034- ). 2nd issue of Albert. Married Mads Nordnaes. Non-canonical.
  • William Aella Aledon (1058-1097). 1st issue of Willem.
  • Norris Aella Aledon (1063- ). 2nd issue of Willem.
  • Seldrian Aledon Aledon (1097- ). Norris' True-daughter. Born late 1097.
  • Francine Nordnaes Aledon (1058-1112). 1st issue of Rachel. Married Leimon Garhik. Non-canonical.
  • Roger Nordnaes Aledon (1061-1109). 2nd issue of Rachel. Married Ramona Jesten. Non-canonical.
  • Birgitte Jesten Aledon (1088- ). 1st issue of Roger. Married Iolan Adorania. Non-canonical.
  • Thomasina Jesten Aledon (1092- ). 2nd issue of Roger. Non-canonical.
  • Antonia Adorania Aledon (1112- ). Only issue of Birgitte. Non-canonical.


Albert Shumma Aledon, the 12th duke, married Tara Ling from the Dagudashaag branch of the Lings. Her parents disapproved strongly of the match and made some extremely wounding remarks about backwoods peers and her intelligence. Tara furiously renounced her family and never spoke to them again. Their son Willem Caranda and daughter Rachel Estelle (named respectively after the famous first duke and his grandmother, the first baroness) consequently used their second personal names instead of their mother's family name.

Collateral lines[edit]

Aledons of Clearwater[edit]

The Aledons of Clearwater are descended from Marcia, the younger sister of Nobert, the 11th Duke. The branch currently (1116) consists of three siblings, great-grandchildren of Marcia, the 71 years old twins Rachel and Thomas and their two year younger brother Roland, plus Thomas' daughter Georgina, who has a daughter Samantha Samson Aledon. The branch seems likely to become extinct when Georgina's only offspring, Samantha who shows no interest in procreating as of 1103 dies.

  • John Aledon. Grandson of Marcia. Non.canonical.
  • Patricia Aledon (1045- ). 1st issue of John. Fleet Admiral, IN (ret.). Non-canonical.
  • Thomas Aledon (1045- ). 2nd issue of John. Married Melody Tukera. Non-canonical.
  • Roland Aledon (1048- ). 3rd issue of John. Married Susanne Kirgashii, a cousin of Duke Leonard of Rhylanor. He is divorced and his children are associated with their mother's family. Non-canonical.
  • Georgina Tukera Aledon. Only issue of Thomas. Georgina gave birth to Samantha (1080-)Non-canonical.
  • Samantha Samson Aledon (1080- ). As of 1103 was serving on the famed IN cruiser Mameluke under the assumed name Ensign Samantha Samson.

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

By the standards of the Third Imperium, most of the noble families of the Spinward Marches are young ones and House Aledon is no exception.

House Foundation[edit]

No information yet available.

House Members of Distinction[edit]

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