108th Fleet

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The 108th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Nicosia Subsector  and the Sarid Subsector.


The 108th Fleet consists of one over sized interdiction squadron with the support of six scout squadrons. Including a scout Way Station all under the commander of fleet admiral Fletcher Gearing.

(6) Scout Squadrons[edit]

The scout squadrons consist of the following ships.

The 5613rd ScoutRon at L'steich (Old Expanses 1333 A9D4975-F)[edit]

The 5615th ScoutRon at Nimz (Old Expanses 1633 C422664-A)[edit]

The 5616th ScoutRon at Hoff (Old Expanses 1139 B585441-A)[edit]

The 5614th ScoutRon at Spencer (Old Expanses 1338 C89A355-9)[edit]

The 3310th ScoutRon at Tuer (Old Expanses 1636 B8C3733-B)[edit]

The 3309th ScoutRon at Nemyer (Old Expanses 1235 B8469CA-C)[edit]

The 2207th Interdiction Squadron at Tuer (Old Expanses 1636 B8C3733-B)[edit]

This formation is typically broken into three smaller task forces. The first task force stays at Tuer, the second task force is assigned to Spires (Old Expanses 0936 X894654-5), and the third task force is assigned to blockade Herring (Old Expanses 0931 X686110-2).

The red zone task forces have the following ships assigned.

The task force assigned to Tuer has the following ships assigned.

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