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Date: -1,872 Imperial
Solomani: 2,648 A.D.
Vilani: 1,656 VI
Zhodani: 2,148.1
Aslan: 361
K'kree: 5,228
Hiver: -4,565
Previous and Following Years
-2000s -1880s
-1882 -1881 -1880 -1879 -1878 -1877 -1876 -1875 -1874 -1873
-1871 -1870 -1869 -1868 -1867 -1866 -1865 -1864 -1863 -1862
-1870s -1900s
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  • A Solomani merchant vessel, the Mary Celeste, is discovered drifting over an icy moon of a gas giant in the Izir system. This world is a non-industrial, pre-rich Solomani Confederation world located in Iselle Subsector of Ustral Quadrant. The vessel's cargo of denatured ethanol was still intact. There is some leaking around atmospheric seals. The ship's life boat was missing and there was no sign of the crew. The ship's log had an entry from several days previous. The ship was discovered by another trading vessel. The locals lack the technology to detect and intercept the ship at that range without help. An investigation failed to explain the disappearance of the crew. Some foul play was suspected, perhaps insurance fraud.


Anton Deckland a famous Solomani army general.