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White Globes project a glowing white barrier which absorbs all weapon fire, restricting any projectile or beam from contacting the craft.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Optimized White Globe Packs are developed later (TL-21).

Known Globe Device Technologies[edit]

The Globe Principle establishes a barrier which prohibits the entry of matter and absorbs (…or in some cases reflects) incoming energy. It derives its name from the characteristic globe-shaped field it establishes centered on the device. [1]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

A White Globe Generator is a more advanced force field projector or defensive screen device that possesses most of the advantages of a black globe generator, fewer of the disadvantages, and is far more capable. While black globe generators block the emission of all energy rendering a ship’s sensor suite blind, white globe generators can selectively allow the entry or exit of electromagnetic emissions… meaning that sensors can be used unlike the black globes.

The device is much higher tech than the black globe generators, which current industry believes it can better understand and even manufacture within the upcoming TL:16-18 epoch. This is not currently possible as of the year 1105 IC. TL-15 industry cannot create black globe generator devices. White Globe Generators are much more complex devices and might not be viable until the TL:19-21 epoch or later. It is believed that Ancients and possibly several other advanced precursor sophont species possessed white globe generator technology. [9]

Technological Overview of Defensive Ship Technology[edit]

Force Field Generator ("Globe Series"):

Damper Series:

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