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Hi - Welcome to the wiki!

Are you aware that if you added "Category:Langemarck Coalition worlds" (in double square brackets) to each world page, then the ClusterWorlds2 template would have compiled this list for you!

BackworldTraveller (talk) 02:49, 27 August 2020 (EDT)

I did not, but many of the world pages don't exist, so the {{ClusterWorlds2}} pulled nothing. My solution (not knowing any better) was to replace that with the list by looking at the map and creating the list (I based this off another page that had such a list and did not appear to use the syntax above). Sorry I may have pulled form a less than optimal example.

So, the method for these polities then is to create nearly empty planet templates (hopefully correctly) and then having that Category would see they were pulled in by the ClusterWorlds2 "function" on the polity page.

Can I ask if there is a style guide that has been compiled to provide examples of snippets and explanations of things like this that are active snippets? If there are multiple ways that appear in different pages, which in this case there was, its not going to be immediately obvious what the 'right' approach is.

Tom B

There are style guides: Manual of Style
These seem to have changed over time and to only have been treated as "more guidelines rather than actual rules" (per Pirates of the Caribbean) which doesn't help!

By the way, if you add four tilda (~) characters at any point, that gets substituted for your ID and timestamped.

It'd also be interesting to see who you say you are in your user page.

BackworldTraveller (talk) 03:13, 28 August 2020 (EDT)

Well populated now! Kaladorn (talk) 03:37, 30 August 2020 (EDT)