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No Traveller site up right now (had one for a long time, but then moved and haven't got it rehosted at home)

I am part of this:

Age: 51 shortly (2020)

Gender/Sex: Male

Preferred Pronouns: Batman/Batman (failing that bit of fun, he/him) (you know what they say, be yourself unless you can be Batman, then be Batman!)

Location: Planet Nepean, Ottawa System, Ontario Subsector, Canada Sector, Domain of Sol.

Nationality: Canuckastani (of Scots roots with just enough Irish to claim kinship on St. Patrick's Day)

Favourite Beer: Trick question - it's a Stout - The Celebrated Oatmeal Stout by Samuel Smith's Old Brewery, Tadcaster, England with Guiness as my second choice

Favourite Spirit: Any decent single malt, but the MacAllan 18 has a fond place in my heart (but not my pocketbook anymore)

Favourite Wine: [| "Navip Muscat Ottonel (Serbia, White, Fruity) - under $10 CAD" ]

Likes: Blue and green spaces, cooking with my wife and daughter, working with wood, learning new things (I have peripatetic interests), languages, history, cultures, gaming, honesty, integrity, transparency, accountabilty and term limits, banana splits with peanuts, key lime pie, scifi, cats, dogs, my step-daughter and my wife, my extended family, my friends, gardening (to eat), philosophy, ancient civilizations

Books/Reading: The classics (Plutarch, Marcus Aurelius, Caesar, Xenophon, Tacitus, Aristotle, Epicurus, John Locke, Samuel Clemens, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Paine), Heinlein, Herbert, Guy Gavriel Kay, Tolkein, CS Lewis, William Pirsig, Murray Lienster, James Barclay, Peter Hamilton, John Barns, Brian McClelland, David Drake, Jack Campbell, Rick Shelley, Joel Rosenberg, Neil De Grasse Tyson and many others

Turn-Offs: Anti-vaxxers/maskers, narcissists, egotists, pointless arguments or fights, road rage, people who can't introspect or accept their own responsibility, olives, cheese curds, 9mm Parabellum, reality TV, really hard to follow gaming rules, messy information presentation, lying with statistics, Adobe Flash, Social Platforms (FB, G+, Twits, Instacrap, etc), lack of support for mental health and disabilities in our society

If I were to take you out for a date: In pandemic times, we'd meet online with Skype and Steam and we'd play some Terraforming Mars or Lords of Waterdeep. If things were serious, we'd get to Traveller or 5E D&D.

Marital Status: Happily Married with a great wife

Kids: One we call Monkey (Marissa-Jane), age 13

Politics: Honest & Accountable (so rules out major parties and incumbents almost 100% of the time)

Religion: Tolerant, Humanist

Favorite Music: Trance, Electronica, Celtic (singing, drumming, pipping), New Country, Folk. (Dislike Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop these days, etc)

Favourite OS: The one that requires the least maintenance and enables the most stuff I want to do (not iOS, that's for sure)

Server or Client: Server-side all the way!

Started Trav: 1981

  • First Version: Deluxe Traveller Box Set
  • Own Most of: CT, MT, TNE, Hard Times, MgT 1, MgT 2 (bits), GT, T20 (just rulebook), T4 (just rulebook - man I hated the art)
  • GMed: CT, MT (both multiple campaigns and one offs)
  • Preferred Rebellion Faction: The Real Strephon or Brzk

Career: Software Developer/Analyst

Primary Domains: Police/Public Safety, Military/Simulation and Training, Games(MMO/Online Gaming), Networking(wired/wireless), AAA (Authentication/Authorization/Accounting) & Policy Enforcement, Telephony (PBX/SIP), Postal & Point of Sale

Oral Languages: English, bits of: French, Gaelic, Spanish, Latin, and Russian

Computer Languages: C/C++, Assembler, Java/J2EE, Visual Basic, .NET (rusty), Perl, Shell Scripts

Focuses: N-tier, distributed, multi-threaded, networked systems (esp the networking and core processing parts) with some familiarity with SNMP, excellent at technical documentation for normal humans