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Notes (2007)[edit]


  • Do you have a subscription to JTAS Online?
  • If you do, you may want to have a look at this campaign setting.
  • It's not canonical, but I hope it will be one day, as I'm going to submit it to e23 soon.
  • Rancke 13:31, 3 September 2007 (UTC)
I try to limit exposure of my electronic credit information on the Internet, and accordingly do not have a subscription to JTAS Online. However, I'd be very interested to see the new supplement you're working on. Could you post a brief 'blurb' on the user page you created for me?
Also, glad to meet another member of the small fraternity of folks in the game business! Some years back I worked extensively in the biz myself, producing or developing about a dozen different products for four different companies. [Vendarth]

(We usually keep discussions on whichever user page they were started. It keeps down the confusion).

It's a description of District 268, Glisten, Egyrn, and Pax Rulin (or Subsector N of the Spinward Marches, District 214, and subsectors B and C of the Trojan Reach ;-) in the Year 400, with UWPs for all the worlds and library data entries for all the inhabited ones. It started as an attempt to backdate Leviathan to Year 400, but it snowballed and the background wound up filling ~10,000 words while the adventure filled ~5,000. And that was after I cut a couple of thousand words of description for Bellion (former name of New Rome) and Aki. If you send me an e-mail at ' (substituting '@' for 'AT'), I can send you a copy of the map.
  • Rancke 16:39, 3 September 2007 (UTC)
Sounds very interesting, though as you say, it is a HUGE project. I guess the only saving grace is that many worlds would not have been inhabited at that time. In District 268, all the inhabited systems would be in the coreward and trailing reaches of the subsector. I've never been clear what the "settled area" in the old Library Data N-Z maps indicated, since some of the worlds within the boundary are still uninhabited during the Classic Era. How do you interpret it? Area actually inhabited? Area already explored? Some mix of both?
Those maps are, indeed, a major headache when it comes to that corner of the Marches. The Marches were fully explored by 100, and the Scouts have just been through it again for the First Survey (which is why I interpret many of the 'first contact' dates from the early material (Like Ruie, Victoria, and Andor+Candory) as the first extensive survey performed by the Scouts). And as you say, it beggars belief that some of these worlds would be settled. Bill Cameron suggests that it's the area claimed by Imperial interests ("Natural Sphere of Ambition" ;-), but that doesn't work perfectly either. So, a mix. Mostly I looked at what worlds would be attractive to settlers and what worlds were so unattractive that they needed a shipwreck or something similar to explain why they were ever settled, e.g. Collace).
In Subsector N, the worlds with populations in 400 are (according to me):