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philoserf is a Traveller fan. He is n2s in the COTI forum. /sandbox


philoserf is a human being, being human. He lives in a small town near Grand Rapids Michigan. philoserf lived in Italy for a year in the early 1980s and in Turkey for a year in the early 1990s. He earned a degree in political science at The University at Albany, State University of New York.[1]

philoserf works on improving technological systems, services, and processes for a leading fashion retailer in Seattle, USA. In the past he has worked for Samsung’s Cloud native computing team; wrote and supported Application programming interfaces for Nordstrom mobile applications; supported for The Walt Disney Company; supported information systems and information security for dental and medical insurance companies; and he served in the United States Army as both an enlisted airborne infantryman and an officer. He earned the Ranger tab in 1989. He also held a few more jobs along the way.[1]

philoserf served four years on the board of his local public library, including one year as its president. He served five years on the advisory board of a regional writers’ conference where he helped to recruit, select, and schedule presenters and keynote speakers. He has also served as an officer on the executive committee of a few volunteer nonprofit organizations. [1]:1962-2020+

The views expressed here are his own. They are not endorsed, reviewed, or approved by any other person or organization.


philoserf has been involved with Traveller in the following ways:

  • began playing Traveler when the little black books were first published
  • has played, and enjoyed, every version of Traveller except Hero and Mongoose
  • will certainly give Mongoose Traveller a try now that he has become aware of it after an RPG hiatus

Wiki Participation[edit]

  • philoserf has not yet elected to participate in a wiki RPG game
  • he is generally a WikiGnome; at work in many places doing small, perhaps invisible, edits


philoserf has play-tested the following products:

  • T20 D20 Traveller
  • T5 Traveller5

To do[edit]


in progress[edit]

  • learn the ropes at this wiki
  • create the help pages I wanted before I loose newbie brain
  • create the templates I want
  • explore inter-editor communication
  • dictionary cleanup


  • select a topic to curate
  • write an ‘advice to new editors’ essay
  • start a conversation about
  • create an example set of subst templates for pages (replacing x layout)


  • examine citation system
  • examine external link rot
  • dive in and touch things
  • create template {{ref}}

External Links[edit]

Journal@GitHub Wikipedia

Contact Information[edit]

P.O. Box 680
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