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philoserf is a Traveller fan. He is n2s in the COTI forum.


Mark lives in Rockford, Michigan, a small town on the Rogue River near Grand Rapids. He has lived in:

  • Jamestown, New York;
  • Lilburn, Georgia;
  • Dublin, Ohio;
  • Edmonds, Washington; and
  • a few US Army bases.

He lived in Italy for a year in the early 1980s and Turkey for a year in the early 1990s; he earned a degree in political science at The University at Albany, State University of New York.

Mark works on improving technology systems, services, and processes for Subsplash. He has worked:

  • at Nordstrom writing application programming interfaces for mobile applications and as a site reliability engineer;
  • on Samsung's Cloud Native Computing Team, doing research and development on the Kubernetes platform;
  • with for The Walt Disney Company, ensuring fantasy football and March Madness could scale; and
  • for dental and medical insurance companies; supporting information systems and information security.

He served in the US Army as both an enlisted airborne infantryman and an officer.

Mark's community service includes:

  • four years on his local public library board, including one year as its president;
  • five years on the advisory board of a regional writers' conference recruiting, selecting, and scheduling presenters and keynote speakers; and
  • he has also been an officer on the executive committee of a few volunteer nonprofit organizations.

He considers himself an outgoing introvert. He is an optimistic-cynic. As a cynic, he expects the human-built to be flawed. Cynicism serves him well when combined with optimism. Together, they result in a worldview that expects things to go wrong and needs to keep improving, mitigating one issue and then another.

In StrenthFinders 2.0, his top five are strategic; Input, Learner, Ideation, Intellection, Strategic.

In Myers Briggs, he is an ENTP. He is very near the line between Extroverted and Introverted, solid in iNtuition, a Thinker, and Perceiver. Insight: the solid intuition score means he relies upon his subconscious for understanding. He trusts his gut and may not always be able to back it up with a clear explanation.

The views expressed here are his own. They are not endorsed, approved, or reviewed by any other person or organization.


philoserf has been involved with Traveller in the following ways:

  • He began playing Traveler when the little black books were first published.
  • He has played, and enjoyed, every version of Traveller except Hero and Mongoose.
  • He is giving Mongoose Traveller 2ed a try now that he has become aware of it after an RPG hiatus.

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