Urnian Subsector

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Urnian Subsector
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Sector Foreven
Capital Urnian (world)
No. of Stars 27
Majority Control Non-aligned - 59%
2nd Control Imperial Client States - 30%
3rd Control Other - 11%
Map Key Map Key

The total population in Urnian subsector is 11 billion. (5 billion at Urnian) The highest TL is C at Suspe and Ovdyo. (year ca. 1100) Current (1202) Population is 26 Billion. Highest TL is D, at Suspe and Ovdyo.

Urnian (Foreven P) is the main "chokepoint" for the Gold Road. Since the warming in relations between the Regency and the Zhodani, good relations have also prevailed with the Avalar Consulate, permitting the flow of vital resources to the Regency, keeping inflationary pressure under control. It is interesting to note, however, that neither the Avalar Consulate, nor the Regency Quarantine forces in Five Sisters, stringently enforce the Quarantine Protocols along this interface.

Six worlds in the subsector are under Avalar Consulate control. Three of them are part of the defunct Kamrati League, an antebellum era socialist state annexed into the Consulate in the 1090s. The Consulate replicated the Regency's "clean slate" approach towards old disputed worlds: it annexed Lune and Capshobem in 1133 as part of its Quarantine. This aggressiveness nearly resulted in a shooting war with the Regency, but careful diplomacy prevented hostilities. It did have the effect of driving several non-aligned worlds into the protective umbrella of the Regency, including Plykah and Novoterre.

Because of their remoteness from the nearest of their worlds, Regency analysts originally predicted that the Avalars could not adequately resupply their occupation forces, forcing their abandonment of these worlds. When this did not occur, Regency intelligence investigated, and discovered that an Avalaran company had covertly taken over the starport on Lela, allowing the Avalar military to safely ship supplies to their troops in the field. The Regency decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and has not forced the issue, but it has stepped up its surveillance of the Avalar-Approaches interface.

In the period after the Fifth Frontier War, piracy was endemic. Most pirates were based in the rimward portion of the subsector, and took a heavy toll of shipping. In the post-Collapse period, this activity has declined in the face of increasing prosperity, and vigorous patrolling by the Regency 208th Fleet. Most "piracy" is now espionage and sabotage waged by local traders and associates of the Enterprise.

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