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{{{type}}}: {{{name}}}
{{{type}}} of {{{where}}}
Born {{{bdate}}}
Ascended {{{adate}}}
Died {{{ddate}}}

This template is an infobox for very important Sophonts, like the Emperors, nobility and so on.

|type =[Highest rank achieved. e.g. Emperor, Archduke, etc.]|
|name =[Sophonts name, or rough translation]|
|where=[Location of title: e.g. Domain of Sylea, Terra, etc.]|
|to=[Location of appointment: e.g. to Zhodane]|
|bdate=[Year of birth]|
|adate=[Year of accession to the position of importance]|
|rdate=[Year of retirement from the position of importance]|
|ddate=[Year of their death]|
|pre  =[Precessor in the position of imporance]|
|suc  =[Successor in the position of importance]
{{{rdate}}} and {{{to}}} may be omitted
{{{pre}}} and {{{suc}}} should be supplied as "Unknown" if not known and omitted only if the title is non-lineal. (e.g. Imperial Princes have neither Predecessors nor Successors)
If the office dies out, the {{{suc}}} value should be "Extinct"
{{{to}}} is used for representative posts, e.g. Ambassador of {{{where}}} to {{{to}}}