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This template defines the table "StellarData". View table.

This is a template to enter stellar data, captured per era.

This is a Cargo template, meaning is is used to capture data, not format the results. The formatting is done through the Template: StellarDataQuery and Template: StellarData.layout templates.

 |world     = World Name
 |sector    = Sector Name
 |subsector = Subsector Name
 |era       = Era for this data -> See Category:Milieus
 |hex       = Hex in the sector (4 digits)
 |name      = Page name for this data
 |UWP       = UWP code
 |pcode     = Planetary trade code (single)
 |codes     = Trade codes (Comma list)
 |sophonts  = Sophonts codes: (Humaniti) or HumaW (Comma list)
 |details   = Details codes (Comma list)
 |ix        = Importance number
 |ex        = Ex codes
 |cx        = Cultural Extension codes
 |nobility  = Nobility codes
 |bases     = Bases codes
 |zone      = Travel zone codes
 |popmul    = population multiplier (PBG value)
 |belts     = Planetoid belts (PBG Value)
 |giants    = Gas Giant count (PBG value)
 |worlds    = Worlds in system 
 |aleg      = Allegiance code
 |stars     = Stars in the system (Comma list)
 |wtn       = World Trade Number value
 |ru        = Resource Units value
 |gwp       = Gross World Product (GWP) in BCr
 |trade     = Annual trade value in BCr
 |pass      = Annual passenger count
 |build     = Starport construction capacity (Tons)
 |army      = Standing army size (BEs)
 |portSize  = GT:Staports port size 
 |spa       = Star port authority population

The output values are:


{{{world}}} vs. {{{name}}} -> [[{{{world}}} (world)|{{{world}}}]]/[[{{{subsector}}} Subsector|{{{subsector}}}]] ([[{{{sector}}} Sector|{{{sector}}}]] {{{hex}}})

Starport{ Error in Starport Decode
Size{ Error in Size Decode
Atmosphere{ Error in Atmosphere Decode
HydrographicsU Error in Hydrographics Decode
PopulationW Error in Population Decode
GovernmentP K'kree station or facility
Law} Error in Law Decode
Tech Level} Error in Tech Decode

Universal World Profile Data:

System Details[edit]

Planet Data[edit]

Trade Codes[edit]

Cultural Details[edit]

Cultural Extension (Cx): {{{cx}}}

Economic Details[edit]

Starport Details[edit]

  • Port Size
  • Building Capacity (Tons)
  • Port employees
  • Port Passengers (annual)