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Links (2019)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Hey wonderful people. I am using Explanator for a couple of worlds, but I don't understand the codes given, such as 'Pz'? Is there a master list? it doesn't appear on the following wiki page. Am I looking in the right place?
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 10:16, 16 June 2019 (EDT)

Links (2018)[edit]

  1. EXTERNAL LINK: David's Trade Tables
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 18:27, 15 July 2018 (EDT)

Notes (2017)[edit]

COMPLETE: Added TC sequence explanation.

- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 12:56, 28 July 2017 (EDT)

Notes (2015)[edit]

I have moved the summaries to Trade classification/summaries, to better reflect what the official nature of the text should be.

Thank you, Tjoneslo. I'll get used to the idea of how to do things here eventually. Spent a good portion of yesterday fixing "World" and "WorldS" problems. Thank you for teaching me how to correct those issues.

UWP Format for Trade Classifications (2007)[edit]

I've reaaranged the TC and Remarks page a bit, so that it flows in the same way as you'd find them in a UWP. I've also included links to LBB6 and MT:RM, although these may need to be altered so they point to the right page - I'll do this myself if I have time to find (or create) the required pages. Gruffty 23:01, 4 May 2007 (UTC)

New MGT Trade Classifications (2008)[edit]

MGT (Mongoose) has a few new Trade Classifications, and some changes to the old ones as compared to MegaTraveller.

  • Ga Garden World, did not exist in MT.
  • Ht High-Tech, did not exist in MT.
  • In Atmosphere 3 not considered Industrial in MGT, it was in MT.
This seems to make an assumption that an Industrial world would taint the atmosphere.
  • Lo Worlds with 0 Pop not Considered Low Pop in MGT (1-3 MGT, <3 MT)
This may be because a world with nobody on it is zero pop? Not sure why.
  • Lt Low-Tech, did not exist in MT.
  • Ni <6 in MT, MGT is 4-6.
Not certain on this one, assuming a low enough population has to have some level of industry to sustain themselves, usually from off world?
  • Ri MT Also requires Government 4-9
MGT assumes people can be rich under any government type.

MGT vs. MT Trade Classifications (2009)[edit]

Most tools use the old MT format rather than the newer MGT formats. In the Spreadsheets I'm working on for processing sector data, I'm going to include an option to toggle between formats - but I thought it might need to be noted here about the differences. --Lotherius 03:12, December 14, 2009 (UTC)

T5SS Remarks and Trade Codes (2017)[edit]


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Remarks and trade classifications indicate obvious or important characteristics for the main world in the system. They serve to show the potential for a world based on its capacity as a source of trade goods, a market for trade goods, or both.

  1. Code
  2. Description


As Asteroid Belt. Siz 0

De Desert. Atm 2-9, Hyd 0

Fl Fluid Hydrographics (in place of water). Atm A-C, Hyd 1+

Ga Garden World. Terra-prime Siz 6-8, Atm 5,6,8, Hyd 5-7

He Hellworld. Siz 3+, Atm 2,4,7,9-C, Hyd 0-2

Ic Ice Capped. Atm 0-1, Hyd 1+

Oc Ocean World. Siz A+, Hyd A

Va Vacuum World. Atm 0

Wa Water World. Siz 3-A, Atm 3-9, Hyd A


Di Dieback. PGL 0, TL 1+

Ba Barren. PGL 0, TL 0

Lo Low Population. Pop 1-3

Ni Non-Industrial. Pop 4-6

Ph Pre-High Population. Pop 8

Hi High Population. Pop 9+


Pa Pre-Agricultural. Atm 4-9, Hyd 4-8, Pop 4,8

Ag Agricultural. Terra-norm Atm 4-9, Hyg 4-8, Pop 5-7

Na Non-Agricultural. Atm 3-, Hyd 3-, Pop 6+

Pi Pre-Industrial. Atm 0,1,2,4,7,9, Pop 7-8

In Industrialized. Atm 0,1,2,4,7,9-C, Pop 9+

Po Poor. Atm 2-5, Hyd 3-

Pr Pre-Rich. Atm 6,8, Pop 5,9

Ri Rich. Atm 6,8, Pop 6-8


Fr Frozen. Siz 2-9, Hyd 1+, HZ +2 or Outer

Ho Hot. HZ -1

Co Cold. HZ +1

Lk Locked. Close Satellite

Tp Temperate.

Tr Tropic. Siz 6-9, Atm 4-9, Hyd 3-7, HZ -1

Tu Tundra. Siz 6-9, Atm 4-9, Hyd 3-7, HZ +1

Tz Twilight Zone. Orbit 0-1


Fa Farming. Atm 4-9, Hyd 4-8, Pop 2-6, Not MW, HZ

Mi Mining. Pop 2-6, Not MW, MW=In

Mr Military Rule. By regional Allegiance power.

Px Prison, Exile Camp. MW

Pe Penal Colony. Not MW

Re Reserve.


Cp Subsector Capital. Cs Sector Capital. Cx Capital. Cy Colony (see O:XXYY).


Sa Satellite. Fo Forbidden (Red Zone). Pz Puzzle (Amber Zone). Pop 7+

Da Danger (Amber Zone). Pop 6-

Ab Data Repository. An Ancient Site. Rs Research Station. Imperial.

RsA Research Station A = Alpha, B = Beta, G= Gamma, etc. Imperial.


O:XXYY Controlled by world in hex XXYY. O:SSSS-XXYY Controlled by world in hex XXYY in sector SSSS.


[Sophont] Homeworld of major race. (Sophont) Homeworld of minor race. 0-9 indicates tenths of population if < 100%. (Sophont)0 Soph0 Sophont Population. Soph is abbreviation for the sophont name. 0-9 indicates tenths of population; W is 100%, e.g. DroyW. SophW

Non-Standard / Legacy Codes

S0 Sophont Population. S is abbreviation for the sophont name. 0-9 indicates tenths of population; w is 100%, e.g. Dw S:0 Sw Nh Non-Hiver Population. Hiver.

Nk Non-K’kree Population. K’kree.

Tp Terra-prime. Adventure 5: Leviathan.

Tn Terra-norm. Adventure 5: Leviathan.

Lt Low Technology. Mongoose Publishing.

Ht High Technology. Mongoose Publishing.

Fa Fascinating. Hiver.

St Steppeworld. K’kree

Ex Exile Camp. Imperial.

Pr Prison World. Imperial.

Xb Xboat Station. Imperial.

Legacy sophont abbreviations include: A = Aslan, C = Chirper, D = Droyne, F = Non-Hiver Federation Member, H = Hiver, I = Ithklur, M = Human (e.g. in Vargr space), V = Vargr, X = Addaxur, Z = Zhodani.

Cultural Extension

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The Cultural Extension is abbreviated Cx and written in brackets ([]). It gives insight into the social behavior of the world's population. It is given as four eHex digits representing Homogeneity, Acceptance, Strangeness, and Symbols.


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Base codes show the presence of military bases in a system; special codes deal with the presence of more than one type of base within the same system in order to maintain a single base code letter per system.

If no bases are present in the system, the field may be empty, a blank (space) or - (dash).

Base codes have changed significantly between different editions of Traveller. Sector data collections must indicate which set of codes are in use. Sector data collections may also define custom meanings for base codes.





C Corsair Base. Vargr. D Naval Depot. Any. E Embassy. Hiver. K Naval Base. Any. M Military Base. Any. N Naval Base. Imperial. R Clan Base. Aslan. S Scout Base. Imperial. T Tlaukhu Base. Aslan. V Exploration Base. Any. W Way Station. Any. X Relay Station. Zhodani.

Multiple codes may be used if multiple bases are present. For example, NS indicates that the system contains both an Imperial Naval Base and an Imperial Scout Base. Base codes should appear in alphabetical order, i.e. MN rather than NM.

Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller, Traveller: The New Era, Traveller: 4th Edition




A Naval Base and Scout Base. Imperial. B Naval Base and Way Station. Imperial. C Corsair Base. Vargr. D Depot. Imperial. E Embassy Center. Hiver. F Military and Naval Base. G Naval Base. Vargr. H Naval Base and Corsair Base. Vargr. J Naval Base. K Naval Base. K’kree L Naval Base. Hiver. M Military Base. N Naval Base. Imperial. O Naval Outpost. K’kree P Naval Base. Droyne. Q Military Garrison. Droyne. R Clan Base. Aslan. S Scout Base. Imperial. T Tlauku Base. Aslan. U Tlauku and Clan Base. Aslan. V Scout/Exploration Base. W Way Station. Imperial. X Relay Station. Zhodani. Y Depot. Zhodani. Z Naval/Military Base. Zhodani.

Base codes indicate allegiance and general mission or type.