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Original List of Books (poorly formatted)

Classic Traveller Books published by GDW[edit]

  1. The Chamax Plague/Horde 1981
  2. Divine Intervention/Night of Conquest 1982
  3. Murder on Arcturus Station 1983
  4. Nomads of the World Ocean 1983
  5. Alien Module 1 Aslan 1984

Books, Supplements, and Folio Adventures[edit]

Cargonaut Press, Digest Group Publications, FASA, Gamelords, GDW, Marischal Adventures, and Seeker:


 Merchant Prince: Special Supplement 1
 Exotic Atmospheres: Special Supplement 2

Digest Group Publications[edit]

   Alien Realms
   Aliens for Traveller
   Arctic Environment
   Ascent to Anekthor
   Faldor: World of Adventure
   Fate of the Sky Raiders
   Flight of the Stag
   Harrensa Project
   Legend of the Sky Raiders
   Letter of Marque
   Mountain Environment
   Ordeal by Eshaar
   Pilot's Guide to the Drexilthar Subsector, A
   Rogues in Space: Letter of Marque
   Rogues in Space: Scam
   Salvage Mission
   Starport Planetfall
   Startown Liberty
   Stazlekh Report, The
   Trading Team
   Trail of the Sky Raiders
   Travellers' Aid Society Alien Encyclopedia
   Undersea Environment
   Uragyad'n of the Seven Pillars
   Wanted: Adventurers

Magazine Articles[edit]

Challenge, Far and Away, Far Traveller, High Passage, Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society, MegaTraveller Journal, Space Gamer, Traveller Chronicle, and Travellers' Digest:

   Adventures in Traveller: Exploration
   Adventures in Traveller: Trade and Commerce
   Adventures in Traveller: Wilderness Situations
   Adventurette: Jailbreak
   Adventurette: Night Rescue
   Adventurette: The Last Bastion
   Adventurette: Trial By Justice
   Amber Zone: Drannixa Gambit
   Amber Zone: Embassy in Arms
   Amber Zone: Lockbox
   Amber Zone: Raid on Stataorlai
   Amber Zone: Royal Hunt
   Amber Zone: Small Package
   Amber Zone: The Birthday Plot
   Amber Zone: Tournament
   Amber Zone: Tuktaar Connection
   Amber Zone Ventures Afar
   Amber Zone: Without a Trace
   Awaiting Shipment: Petrochemicals
   Azun (with Marc Miller)
   Bestiary: Afeahyaltow
   Bestiary: Crested Jabberwock
   Bestiary: Doyle's Eel
   Bestiary: Garhawk
   Bestiary: Ice Crawler
   Bestiary: Luugir
   Boarding Pass: Jalas Glennol
   Caledon Highlanders
   Care and Feeding of NPCs
   Casual Encounter: Emil "Boomer" Brankovich
   Casual Encounter: Enli Iddukagan
   Casual Encounter: Fast "Johnny" McRae
   Casual Encounter: Gamaagin Kaashukiin
   Casual Encounter: Glorinna Firella
   Casual Encounter: Gunnar Haelvedssen
   Casual Encounter: Ramon San Yarvo
   Casual Encounter: Ringaal DeAstera
   Casual Encounter: Simone Garibaldi
   Civilian Striker Weapons
   Closest Encounter
   Compleat Starport
   Computer Implants
   Computer Software for High Guard
   Contact: Ael Yael
   Contact: Aslan
   Contact: The Girug'kagh
   Contact: Irklan
   Contact: The Girug'kagh
   Contact: The Virushi
   Dev Landrel
   Flare Star
   Hunting Bugs
   I'm a Doctor, Not a. . .
   In Transit: Grav Mining Vehicle
   In Transit: Orbital Tug
   Newcomers, The
   Outside the Expanses: Reaver's Deep
   Pilot's Guide to Ea Subsector
   Pilot's Guide to the Caledon Subsector, A
   Pilot's Guide to the Scotian Deep Subsector
   Planetfall: Supplementary Material for MegaTraveller
   Port Authority Handbook: Arrival In-System
   Port Authority Handbook: Communications
   Port Authority Handbook: Convoys
   Port Authority Handbook: Interdicted Planets
   Port Authority Handbook: Inward Clearance
   Port of Call: Rejhappur
   Port of Call: Roakhoi
   Reavers' Deep Sector
   Referee's Guide to Planet-building, Parts I and II
   Religion in the Two Thousand Worlds
   Ship's Locker: Flares and Signalling Devices
   Ship's Locker: Torches and Welding Equipment
   Ship's Locker: Vargr Corsair Bands
   Small Cargoes and Special Handling
   Small Cargoes: Three for the Road
   Small Cargoes: Afeahyakhtow
   Small Cargoes: Hkyadwaeh
   Striking it Rich
   Temperature in Traveller
   Traveller: The Final Frontier
   Traveller's Gear: Body Pressure Suit
   Travelling Without a Starship
   Umpire Strikes Back!, The
   Vargr Grav Platforms
   Wardn Enigma
   World's of the Imperium: Fisher's World

Miscellaneous Traveller Credits[edit]

FASA and Seeker:

   Adventure Class Ships I - Booklet II
   Adventure Class Ships II - Booklet I & II
   Aslan Mercenary Ships - Booklet I & II
   I.S.C.V. Leander - Booklet (scenarios: The Hostage, Terminal Velocity, and Raider!)
   I.S.P.M.V. Fenris - Booklet (scenarios: Boring From Within, Prisoners at Large, and Suprise Reversed)
   I.S.P.M.V. Tethys - Booklet (scenarios: Enemy Action, Staff Meeting, and Retreat from Stiara)
   Merchant Class Ships - Booklet I & II
   Starport Module I: Hotel Complex - Booklet (scenarios: Break-In, The Gamblers, and Hostages)
   Z.I.S.M.V. Vlezhdatl - Booklet (scenarios: Boarding Action, Prize Crew, and Escape)
   The Port Authority Handbook: Arrival in System - Article in High Passage 3
   Most of Far Traveller 1
   Most of Far Traveller 2
   Worlds of the Imperium (High Passage 5)
   The Port Authority Handbook (High Passage 5)