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Issue Size
Issue 1 (including Library Data Subsector N - Argi Subsector) (PDF re-edit 1.41MB)
Issue 2 (including Library Data Subsector K - Pact Subsector) (PDF re-edit 1.72MB)
Issue 3 (including Library Data Subsector F - Ushra Subsector) (PDF re-edit 1.54MB)
Issue 4 (including Library Data Subsector B - Old Suns Subsector) (PDF re-edit 5.88MB)
Issue 5 (including Library Data Subsector A - Mimu Subsector) (PDF re-edit 1.94MB)
Issue 6 (PDF Scan 27.1 MB)
Library Data Subsector L - Gadde Subsector (PDF Scan 2.19MB)
Issue 7 (PDF Scan - 7.85MB)
Library Data Subsector O - Sapphyre Subsector (PDF Scan - 2.34MB)
Issue 8 (including Library Data Subsector P - Laraa Subsector) (PDF Scan - 9.7mb)
Issue 9 (including Library Data Subsector E - Shallows Subsector (PDF Scan - 11.3mb)
Issue 10 (including Library Data Subsector C - Arnakhish Subsector) (PDF Scan - 4.82MB)
Issue 11 (Including Library Data Subsector I - Zeda Subsector and M - Bolivar Subsector) (PDF Scan - 10.7MB)
Issue 12 (Including Library Data Subsector D - Iiradu Subsector and G - Khandi Subsector) (PDF Scan 5.8MB)
Issue 13 (PDF Scan - 22.1mb)
Library Data Subsector J - Remnants Subsector (PDF Scan - 2.9mb)
Library Data Subsector H - Kuriishe Subsector (PDF reconstuction - 0.6MB)
© 1997-2010 Signal-GK Productions: Jae Campbell.

All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.


These fanzines contain certain adult themes that may not be suitable for younger players.


~ Editors ~

Jae Campbell, Duncan Law-Green, Andy Lilly & Leighton Piper

~ Artwork ~

Tim Osbourne, Nik Piper, Gershom, Duncan Law-Green, Len Robinson & Paul Sanders

~ Dagudashaag Development Team (DDT) ~

Jae Campbell, Duncan Law-Green, Stuart Machin, Tim Osbourne, Andrew Pickford, Leighton Piper, Lee Richardson, Adie Stewart, Nick Walker.

~ and with thanks to the following additional contributors to Signal-GK ~

Peter Antill, Anthony Baggeley, David Burden, Keven Berry, Martin Blake, Andy Bolstridge, Andy Boulton, Ben Chambers, Timothy Collinson, Andy Goddard, Steve Hatherley, Ann Hindson, Colin Hollands, David Johnson, David Jones, Justin Key, Nick Law, Bruce Lewis, Barbara Lucas, Stuart Machin, Mike Mikesh, Dominic Mooney, Roger E. Moore, Nick Munn, Roger Myhre, Alison Nash, Paul Radford, Lee Richardson, Dave Robertson, Megan Robertson, Ian Rowan, Paul Sanders, Dee Smith,John Tatman, Angela Taylor, Neil Taylor, Django Upton, Steve Wass, Nik Whitehead.

and Glenn Hoppe who created the Bilanidin (Vilani) Font.

And of course the

~ Resurrection Team ~

who brought the "fragrant bones" of Signal-GK back to life;

Leighton Piper, Scott Martin, Ewan Quibell and Richard Artis

~ Dedications ~

‘To steal from one source is plagiarism, to steal from many is research...'

This book is dedicated to all the authors who have directly or indirectly inspired and ‘helped' us with our ‘research'.

Thank you, they say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

In particular I would like to dedicate these works to two people; Duncan Law-Green who was the first Brit' to explore the region and who's vision helped shape every aspect of the sector, and author E.C. Tubb whose ‘Earl Dunarest' first inspired me to ‘travel' the stars.

Thank you.

The Traveller Wiki editorial team extends thanks to Jae Campbell for allowing the wiki to host these copies of the Signal-GK issues for distribution.