Rysos class Assault Sled

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Built on Rysos for the Bright Conclave. These transports are designed to fly into and out of hot spots and provide close air support. The door gunners lay down covering fire while the passengers hop on or off through the sliding side doors. The passengers are typically medics or specialists such as snipers being moved to tactical positions.

Rysos Assault Sled
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Tech Level TL–11
Mass 4 tons
Cost Cr2,438,742
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Armored Personnel Carrier
Speed maximum 540kph
cruise 405kph
NOE 135kph
Cargo 1m³ / 1000kg
Crew 5
Passengers 3
Armament (Turret) VRF Gauss Gun
(Turret) Missile Launcher
Chin Laser
2x Door Mounts

Rysos Assault Sled, TL 11[edit]

The vehicle has a crew of five (driver, 3 gunners and commander) and can carry three passengers. It mounts a VRF Gauss gun and a magazine-fed tactical missile system in a fully stabilized rotating turret on the chassis deck.

Chassis and Turret:[edit]

Height: 2m (+1 m turret); Width: 5m; Length: 5.6m.
Total usable volume: 56m³
Total mass loaded: 144.202 metric tons
Armor: Chassis front: 48; Chassis sides, rear, belly and deck: 40.
Armor: Turret all faces, 40;
Target Size DMs: +2 low, +1 high
Production Cost: Cr2,438,742


Onboard gravitic generators produce 1.45 Gs thrust.

Maximum: 540kph/450cm; Cruise: 405kph/337.5 cm; NOE: 135kph/112.5cm.
Movement effect on fire: None

The vehicle is equipped with a full avionics suite.


Full weapons stabilization.

Dorsal Turret[edit]

Primary Weapon

The dorsal turret mounts a VRF Gauss Gun.

Direct Fire Characteristics: VRF Gauss Gun
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
1500 m (21)+8 3000 m (19)+6 4500 m (17)+3

The main VRF Gauss Gun has storage for 30,000 rounds, enough to allow 23 fire phases of sustained fire. It can engage 16 targets in 15 seconds.

Coaxial Mount

The Assault Sled has a tactical missile launcher coaxially mounted in the turret.

The 50kg missiles are armed with a HEAP (High Explosive Armor Piercing) warhead capable of penetration 57 on hard steel armor.

Direct Fire Characteristics: HEAP Warhead Missiles
Type Range Price
Homing 11km Cr410.75
Target Designated 11km Cr510.75
Laser Command Link 7km (+3 DM) Cr260.75

The launch system is magazine-fed. The vehicle has a storage capacity of 20x missiles.

Chin Mount[edit]

The Assault Sled has a chin-mounted laser rifle TL–9 with a 100 shot battery.

Direct Fire Characteristics: Laser Rifle
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
180 m (9) 360 m (4) 1,800 m (1)

This is generally used to designate targets and for point defense.

Starboard Door Mount[edit]

A 7mm Gatling Gun is mounted in the starboard-side door.

Direct Fire Characteristics: 7mm Gatling Gun
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
400 m (3)+8 750 m (2)+6 1200 m (2)+3

The Gatling Gun is equipped with 30,000 rounds, adequate for 23 fire phases, and can engage 16 targets.

Port Door Mount[edit]

A 4cm RAM Auto Grenade Launcher is mounted in the port-side door.

Direct Fire Characteristics: 4cm RAM GL
Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range
370 m (36)+4 750 m (36)+3 1500 m (36)+2

The 4cm RAM auto grenade launcher with 1600 HEAP grenades for 20 fire phases against 2 targets in the port door mount.

Power / Equipment[edit]

Power: 21 megawatt fusion power plant
consumes 31.5 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 9,812.85 liters, enough for 311.5 hours (12.9 standard days).
  • Sealed environment with extended life support for 8 (proof against CBR/NBC threats);
  • Power 5 target acquisition LADAR;
  • Laser sensor to detect enemy target designators (5+), linked to a prismatic anti-laser smoke discharger/launcher with a 100 can supply of aerosols;
  • Image enhancement and thermal image for vision blocks and night operations;
  • 5000km range radio, 5km range Laser communication system.

Cargo Space: 1m³ / 1 ton


Vehicle: 5

Weapons: 3

Electronics: 3

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