Pilotless Aerial Vehicle

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Pilotless Aerial Vehicle
Type Tool
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr1200
Size 22 liters
Weight 2.5kg

The Pilotless Aerial Vehicle (PAV) is a small, remote-controlled aircraft, used for scouting, exploring and mapping.

The PAV is usually portable and folds up into a carrying tube, 1m long, 150mm wide and weighing 1.5kg. The PAV can be run from a hand computer, or with the hand control unit which is supplied with the device. It can be steered to a desired location or it can be programmed to fly in a holding pattern. The PAV carries a payload of 400g. It comes complete with an automated standard camera and a small 'bomb bay', which can carry small objects such as message capsules, but it can also carry other equipment, such as a bioscanner, directional microphone or chemical sniffer.

The PAV, when assembled, has a wingspan of around 900mm and a length of 850mm. It can fly at an altitude of 1,000m and an airspeed of 120kmph. The vehicle can fly 40km from its operator and one charge of its battery will allow for 24 hours of continuous flight. PAV's can be used at atmospheres between 4 (thin atmosphere) and 9 (dense, tainted atmosphere).

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