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Money is part of the game mechanic


The concept of the Credit was present from the earliest rules, although the fact that this was Imperial Currency was not detailed immediately.

The concept of Money as other forms of wealth was most comprehensively covered in the book Dilettante[1].

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The concept that one of the objectives of Traveller should be the accumulation of Money (or wealth measured as Money) was present from the first. This money can be found as:

  • Cash: Imperial Currency or the currency of other worlds and empires; Gold or other coin.
  • Balances in Bank Accounts: For reasons of communications lag, this money can be substantially less liquid than Cash.
  • Investments in Corporation's Shares.
  • Investments in the Traded Debt of Governments or Corporations.
  • Investments in Property including Ships.

Player's Characters may receive income in the form of Remittances, Pensions (the most common), Stipends, Retainers, Wages, Salaries, Dividends, Interest, Rents, Fees and/or other Emoluments. Collecting income can be difficult when a player is away from their Homeworld.

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