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A Mindset is the total sum expression of a sophont specie's psychology.

  • Some species have strong senses of individuality, while others have anything but. Eusociality, a sort of "hive mind" is a relatively common mindset and differs greatly from the baseline thought patterns of mono-minds. A wise Traveller and sophontologists does well to heed these differences.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Within the mindset of most species there is a considerable range of behaviors, ideas, culture, folkways, etc.

  • However, most specie's have behavioral limitations based upon physiology and psychology. Behavior outside of these norms is considered aberrant or strange.


Imperial scientists have designated the various categories for different kinds of mindsets. Please see the following AAB articles for more information:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Some sophont species put a high premium on studying and understanding their own psychology while others put little value on it. There is a wide range of attitudes towards psychology, mindsets, and related matters.

Cyberware & Mindsets[edit]

Please see the AAB Library Data article Cyberware for more information.

Wafertech & Skillsets[edit]

Please see the AAB Library Data article Wafer for more information.

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