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The Lancian Movement is and as a political organization dedicated to Lancian independence and a different philosophical approach to life than alien invaders.

  • It once united the world of Kukhun and has long been the kernel of a multi-sophont cultural movement.
  • Imperial rulers once conquered it although they have never snuffed out the culture that underlies it.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

"Lancian" is a cultural and philosophical designation rather than a racial one. It derives from the name of the movement on Kukhun that was responsible for saving the planet from natural and self destruction, and which rapidly established itself as the world philosophy. The name itself is that of the mythical Kukhunen goddess of creation. Lancia has been described as one of the most important and influential "godless religions" in the Imperium. Not every Kukhunen ( or indeed every resident of the Region) is a Lancian though, although some 90% are. Those that aren't are mainly to be found within the cities and on industrial worlds where the economy is the most mixed.

The two key elements of Lancian philosophy are creativity and contribution. Creativity is evident in the art, pacifism, and originality of Lancian culture. Pacifism should not be taken as meaning a total aversion to violence but rather an avoidance of mindless destruction. Kukhunen and S'mrii memories of the First and Second Imperium led to their extreme hostility against the Third Imperium, and especially the use of Vland as the subduing power. The ferocity of the Imperium's response was in part due to shock and frustration at the effectiveness of the Lancian/S'mrii defense.

Lancian artistry and originality accounts for Lancia's dominant position within Imperial entertainment, and its strong bonds with Makhidkarun ( for entertainment ) and the S'mrii ( for neurotechnology and virtuality ). The Lancian culture has also bred a counter culture - the Kaz - who believe in destruction as the ultimate denial of creation. They should be distinguished from the Ultra sect who see anarchy and destruction as a necessary part of the creative process, and who have a pyrotechnics joy of the beauty of destruction.

The ethic of contribution is reflected in peripheral fields like the endemic medianet and the high degree of artistic and political participation of Lancian society. Most importantly though it underpins the whole of Lancian economics, and the trust on which it is based.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Lancian Movement, named for the goddess Lancia of Kukhunen mythology, was founded during the Long Night on Kukhun (Gushemege 3105). It rose as in response to an ongoing civil war on Kukhun.

By -1324 when the Civil War was at its height the Movement had gained significant numbers of followers in all the factions, including amongst the faction leaderships. The Lancian Movement formed the core of the new world government. Over the next century, as Kukhun successfully dealt with the ice age threat and managed to maintain a TL–6 society, Lancian philosophy permeated every facet of Kukhunen society, and every Kukhunen's mindset. By -1200 Lancian culture dominated Kukhun.

Political Lineage: 1105[edit]

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