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A powerful Sath mercantile Faction of Far Home Sector in the Distant Fringe and a major power in the Sath Alliance.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Factions power base lies within the spinward half of Sha'a Cluster.

Ka'sa has occupied the so-called Hell Worlds, ostensibly to protect both its own interests and the rights of Sath displaced during the Diaspora, but its leadership has publicly stated that Ka'sa is “liberating stars that are, by right, those of the Sath”.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

The current head of the Faction is Asaak Sha Khah, Issha of the Ka'sa.


The Ka'sa Faction controls six worlds:

Jump Bridges[edit]

The Ka'sa Faction control the Waypoint located at:

Hell Worlds[edit]

The Ka'sa have occupied the the Hell Worlds region, to coreward of their power base, citing all manner of rights and wrongs in justification of their actions. They have become embroiled in a brutal war against the local human populations, who are extensively using mercenary troops to bolster their own forces.

References & Contributors / Sources[edit]

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