Imperial class Grav APC - Nuclear Damper Control

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Imperial Nuclear Damper Control APC
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Imperial Nuclear Damper Control APC
Tech Level TL–15
Mass 12 dTons
Cost MCr 13.82
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Combat Support Vehicle
Speed 916kph max, 687kph cruise
Cargo Personal Equipment
Crew 5
Passengers 0
Armament RPX-15H Rapid Pulse Fusion Gun, Decoy Launchers

Description (Specifications)[edit]

These vehicles are part of the Imperial class Grav APC family.

The Nuclear Damper Control APC is the vehicle that controls and directs the fire of Imperial class Nuclear Damper Carriers against suspected nuclear warheads to prevent their detonation. The dampers have an over-the-horizon range, but cannot detect targets except those in line-of-sight. These control vehicles provide the means for local observation.

The vehicle is a combination of the command and control functions of the Imperial class Grav APC - Command and Computer (Marines) and the point defence capabilities of the Imperial class Grav APC - Point Defense. The former allow acces to the global observation and intelligence networks needed to assess the threat and the latter allow the individual weapons to be tracked and engaged.

Typical deployments will be:
Section of:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This design was developed as the joint Imperial Marines/Imperial Army solution in the Imperial class Grav APC family.

Those Imperial Marines facing the Zhodani Consulate and Sword Worlds Confederation in the Spinward Marches Sector had fully upgraded to be using these systems in time for the Fifth Frontier War.

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