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The Federate Republic is a very loose collection of worlds situated to Coreward-Trailing of the Imperial border.

Description / Specifications[edit]

The Federate Republic has little central authority, nor much desire for any. Its member worlds are bound by mutual defense and economic treaties, and a representative assembly is maintained to resolve disputes between members.

The Federate is strongly Solomani in terms of culture and outlook, though its links to the Solomani Confederation are tenuous at best. Within broad limits, member worlds are free to establish their own foreign policy, so relations with other polities vary from world to world. The Spinward worlds of the Federate are somewhat influenced by the Imperium, to the point where Imperial merchants and even navy ships are frequent visitors. Vessels from the Glimmerdrift Trade Consortium are also frequent visitors, and for the most part are welcome.

The Federate maintains a fleet of light patrol craft to deter piracy on the Shashka Main and along its trade routes, but lacks anything resembling a real fleet. For the most part the Federate prefers to mind its own business and let others do likewise. Some member worlds are more active, however.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Formed around 500, the Federate Republic collapsed during the early part of the Tri-Empire War when the Shukikikar League began conquest of its systems. The complete collapse of the Federate Republic occurred in 985. A government-in-exile was formed Kinake (world) in 986.

Worlds & Sectors / Astrography[edit]

This polity is primarily found in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this polity:

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