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Notes (2007)[edit]

The article on Olympiad in Supplement 11 spells the word Tleqazdijdiet, whereas Alien Module 4 spells it Thequzdij (This is copied in AR1). According to the language tables on AM4 p. 21 and AR1 p25, the Zhodani language contains neither the th construct, nor the letter 'u'. This implies that either AM4 is wrong. or the Thequzdij word is an older or borrowed word, and not part of the modern Zhodani language.
James Kundert in the Online Zhodani dictionary assumes the latter: "One theory to account for this is that the word is from the Qiknavrats (Chirper) language, and has been retained for its historical significance."
This makes little sense because the Qiknavrats are, by the time the Olympiad becomes an established institution, extinct for 1300 years, on the other side of a plague induced massive population dieoff and subsequent dark age.
- User:Tjoneslo

Notes (2020)[edit]

If historical texts from that long ago had been preserved, the word could have been pulled from them. A word attributed to those who originally taught psionics to the Zhodani, would have said claim strengthened when any ear could tell it was not modern Zdetl (by having the 'th' and 'u'). Tleqazdijdiet may be a later formulation, translated into modern Zdetl once the Olympiads were established and accepted.
- User:Atymes
It's worth bearing in mind that English still preserves words over 2000 years old so it doesn't seem impossible that this is an outlier. BackworldTraveller (talk) 17:43, 5 July 2020 (EDT)