Code of Ledriasda

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Ledriasda is a code of ethics rumored to have been developed on Ishag/Liasdi (Zarushagaar 1323) around -6000 by the wanderer/philosopher Ledriasda.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Adherents to the Code believe that all humans (later extended to all sophonts) have a moral obligation to preserve intelligent life. Integral to the Code is the Law of Just Cause (for Self Defense). Ledriasda made provision for the use of force in defending oneself and others, but only after negotiation and concession were exhausted or dismissed as viable options.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Code was an integral part of Darmine history prior to the arrival of the Vilani, but since that time, the number of practitioners has dropped off. (Under pressure, the Darmine were forced to conform to Vilani tradition. Many believed that cultural concessions were responsible). Today about half of all Darmine, still the largest practicing group, hold Ledriasda to be of some importance. Many in fact seek employment in fields where they can directly help people.

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