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Ciencia Iphegenia Guuilbataashullibaa Alkhalikoi is the Grand Princess of the Third Imperium, the daughter of Emperor Strephon and Empress lolanthe.

Description (Biography)[edit]

(b.1088 to present): Grand Princess of the Imperium, daughter of Emperor Strephon and Empress lolanthe. As heir to the Iridium Throne, Grand Princess Ciencia Iphegenia was educated from birth to eventually assume the mantle of authority for the Imperium. Her early fascination with the sciences prompted an extensive interest in the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service, which considers her its patron.

Universal Personality Profile (UPP)[edit]

  • UPP: 5749BF

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Milieu: Rebellion[edit]

(b.1088 to d.1116):

The Grand Princess died in the assassination attack of the usurper Dulinor on 132/1116. Her body, unlike that of Strephon and Prince Varian, was not displayed in state before her funeral.

The Moot concealed her death and stated that she, not Lucan, was the current and rightful Emperor, using a double to reinforce this deception. The Scout Service, which supported the ruse, had a Scout Service craft deliver the double to Capital/Core on 136/1116.

They then used the double to stage unflattering public appearances to create the impression that Ciencia was a vapid socialite that engaged in scandalous behavior. This tactic was meant to get support for efforts in the Moot to elect a noble Regent to rule in "Ciencia's" name while the double acted as a figurehead.

This was later trumped by Prince Lucan disbanding the Moot. This prevented the crowning of the double and election of her Regent. It also made it possible to certify Lucan as Emperor and crown him, thus legitimizing his rule. 

Milieu: Traveller 1120[edit]

(b.1088 to present):

Since Dulinor never assassinated Strephon, Ciencia was never killed.

The Grand Princess later married Ganidiirsi Simalr, heir to the Duchy of Ushra, on ?/1121. On 306-1122, the couple had a son, Prince Casimir Khugi Simalr Alkhalikoi. This took Princes Varian and Lucan and Duchess Margaret out of the direct line of succession.

She is a close friend of Archduchess Isis Arepo Ilethian, niece of the late Archduke Dulinor. It is believed that Archduchess Isis will have the same influence on Ciencia that Dulinor had on her father and that the Strephonian Reforms might be further expanded under her rule.

Personage Timeline[edit]

No information yet available.

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