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This category covers the years of the Vilani.

Long Silence (-300,000 to -9236) <- Rise of the Vilani (-9235 to -4046) -> First Imperium (-4045 to -2421)
-10000s, -9900s, -9800s, -9700s, -9600s, -9500s, -9400s, -9300s, -9200s, -9100s,
-9000s, -8900s, -8800s, -8700s, -8600s, -8500s, -8400s, -8300s, -8200s, -8100s,
-8000s, -7900s, -7800s, -7700s, -7600s, -7500s, -7400s, -7300s, -7200s, -7100s,
-7000s, -6900s, -6800s, -6700s, -6600s, -6500s, -6400s, -6300s, -6200s, -6100s,
-6000s, -5900s, -5800s, -5700s, -5600s, -5500s, -5400s, -5300s, -5200s, -5100s,
-5000s, -4900s, -4800s, -4700s, -4600s, -4500s, -4400s, -4300s, -4200s, -4100s
Individual Years are also shown on Century and Decade pages.

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