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It is a kind of Vehicle and Primitive Craft pulled (initially) by a Dray Beast or Sophont or Bicycle.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

At its simplest, a wagon is a pair of wheels attached to an axle with a load-carrying bed laid above that.

At its pinnacle, it is a complex trailer towed behind another vehicle with power, brakes, steering, lights and cameras.

Examples of Wagons, Trailers, etc.[edit]

12 Wagon items[edit]

Item Type Mode TL Mass Cost
Fringian Batha Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 4 Tons Cr11,200
Fringian Box Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 2 1.8 Tons Cr7,800
Fringian Box Semitrailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 7.4 Tons Cr195,000
Fringian Buggy Passenger Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 2 0.7 Tons Cr6,400
Fringian Chaise Passenger Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 3 1.1 Tons Cr9,600
Fringian Chariot Reconnaissance Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 0.2 Tons Cr6,500
Fringian Dray Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 2 1.8 Tons Cr7,300
Fringian Flatbed Semitrailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 6 3.7 Tons Cr125,000
Fringian Heavy Flatbed Trailer Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 8 12.3 Tons Cr175,000
Fringian Light Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 1 Ton Cr4,100
Fringian Open Cart Cargo Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 1 1.3 Tons Cr5,900
Fringian Stagecoach Passenger Vehicle Ground (Wheeled) 3 1.4 Tons Cr31,500

Image Repository[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Wagons exist from the time of the first wheel TL–0 until the last ground transport is made redundant.

Wagons start by being towed by Sophonts, and end being towed by Sophonts and in the middle are towed by Dray Beasts, Bicycles (called Bicycle-Rickshaws), Cars, Vans, and Trucks (when they are called Trailers).

Towing Mechanisms used change the coupling used. Wheels change from solid disks via spoked wheels to pneumatic tyres. Brakes and suspension are added, along with lights, manoeuvring sensors and complex options to make backing-up easier.

Even as Grav Technology starts to make wheeled commercial vehicles less cost-effective, heavy items are still wheeled to and from those Grav Vehicles on hand-carts. When Teleporters are whisking everyone around the universe, the extra baggage will be wheeled across the threshold on a trolley.

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