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This is the main page for the SBRD Reavers' Deep Traveller campaign. (GM's Index)

Main Subdivisions[edit]

  • SBRD Game Threads: SBRD is a play-by-post game, with the GM and players communicating by forum posts rather than by sitting around a table together. These game threads are where the game is actually played, in forum threads divided by Chapter (separate threads for In Character game posts and Out Of Character discussion posts) on the Citizens of the Imperium forum.
  • Characters. Current Player Characters are all crewmembers on the Fortunate Son, a 500-ton Frontier Trader ship that has recently entered the Urlaqqash Subsector in search of new opportunities for adventure and profit.
  • Synopses of "Our Story So Far...". Currently has only Chapter 02: Nexus (events since the PC group arrived in Nexus System). Will add Chapter 01: Devonia and a couple of prequel/backstory pieces as time allows.
  • Library Data. Sector/Subsector/System/World Data, Maps, Library Articles on Famous People or Historical Events - all of that encyclopedia/reference type material.
  • House/Campaign Rules. I'm not sure yet if I will put anything under this page, or just keep that stuff all on the Campaign Blog. If you find it easier to reference by Wiki, let me know.
  • More Information about the SBRD Reavers' Deep campaign:
    • SBRD Sub-Forum: our threads for conduct of this game on the Citizens of the Imperium forum
    • SBRD Quick Reference: best current reference links to game threads and relevant information
    • SpaceBadger's Blog: various notes and references related to this campaign; the Quick Reference is recommended

Player Contributions[edit]

I'd be really happy to see Players contributing to this Wiki. It is my understanding that anyone registered for this Wiki can sign in and make edits or new contributions. I would like to make a few suggestions:

  • A good place to start is with your own character's page, if you want to add an image or any backstory details or things like that. I will also create stubs for you to use if you want to keep notes or make a personal log as a sub-page for your character (but keep in mind these will also be visible to anyone else reading the Wiki).
  • Please don't delete any information or links that the GM has put in, even if they are on your character's page, without first checking w the GM. Many of these are for my own use in easily navigating these pages for reference during the game.
  • Please don't edit another player's character page.
  • If you want to add more detail to World/System library data, please don't contradict anything already posted by the GM. If you want to make a new World/System page, please let the GM know so I can make sure you have up-to-date UWP and any other info I already had planned, to work that into whatever you write.
  • Notes on Page Formats and Linking
  • List of SBRD Campaign-Specific Templates (Worlds, etc)


First I have to thank all of my players in this campaign: so far that is Sabredog, ErianFrost, ChaosBennett, Fritz_Brown, Samuelvss, DaveChase, and ATPollard (in order of signing up for the campaign). We have only just barely started, but I would not have been inspired to create this whole Wiki thing here if not for the enthusiasm you guys have shown so far. Thanks!

Sabredog has been especially helpful, and deserves special thanks for designing the ship that the players will be travelling in, the Fortunate Son. ErianFrost (who also happens to be my eldest son) and Fritz_Brown (a friend I never even knew before meeting in the CotI forums) have been very helpful for discussing and brainstorming ideas.

Three more guys aren't even part of our campaign, but deserve some special thanks for special websites that they administer that are of service to all Traveller fans, which have been vitally important to my efforts to organize and document this campaign setting to make it as real and understandable as possible to my players.

Wil Hostman (aka aramis) is the chief administrator of Citizens of the Imperium (aka CotI), a forum devoted to Traveller in all its forms and permutations. He recently set up sub-forums under the CotI Play-by-Post Forum, enabling the GM of each PbP campaign to be the moderator of his/her own sub-forum devoted to that particular campaign. Here is the sub-forum for SBRD.

Joshua Bell (aka inexorabletash) has created an amazing resource at, with data-driven maps of the Third Imperium and all of the areas surrounding it, that can be zoomed and scaled and customized and printed to PDFs as maps or booklets - and then has gone above and beyond the call of duty by making his site useable by individual GMs to create maps of custom ATUs! The maps for this campaign would be much much MUCH poorer in quality without the availability of Travellermap to turn all of my data into pretty and informative maps.

Then there is this TravellerWiki right here, on which you are reading these documents. I haven't found any credits here as to who created this Wiki, but the current administrator is Thomas Jones-Low (aka Tjoneslo), and he has been very helpful every time that I've been stumped as to how to do something in creating this reference for our SBRD campaign. In fact, when I was asking around about places to set up a wiki for this campaign, it was his idea to make a sort of sub-wiki for us here at the TravellerWiki, and he did the work to set up the foundation for it. I would not have been able to create all of this without his help.

Misc GM Stuff or Testing: Please Ignore[edit]

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