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SBRD Campaign-Specific Templates[edit]

I intend to create a "Standard Library Data" template which can be copied and filled out when creating new Library Data pages. There are lots of standard templates available in this Wiki, but unfortunately I have found that most seem to include one or more assumptions that don't apply to our campaign, or automatic links into the general Traveller Wiki that also don't apply (there may be ways to leave off those entries, but I haven't found them - simply leaving blank makes an ugly bit on the page).

For one thing, all of our SBRD Library Data pages need to have a Category specified at the end, like this: [[Category:SBRDL]]

Likewise, all of our SBRD Character pages need to have a Category specified at the end, like this: [[Category:SBRDC]]

OK, here are the SBRD-specific Templates that I have done so far:





Before Making Too Many Subsector Pages: I will also be working on what I can kludge together for image-mapped subsector maps - the kind where you can click the image of a system on the map and go to the Library Data for that system. There are some of these in use in the Traveller wiki already; I just need to study how they work and see if I can make us some custom info-boxes to leave out the parts that don't apply to our campaign.

Look at Blank Universe Subsector, which contains a full set of instructions and the layout for the subsector images. The "circle" command as part of the image map is what responds to the click. The numbers are x, y, and radius of the circle, all in pixels, all in relation to the size of the image. Tjoneslo (talk) 18:55, 26 August 2013 (EDT)