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Library Data Pages[edit]

This page represents the index of Library Data available to the Fortunate Son, and generally to any Library search that you might make on other facilities. If in the course of an adventure you gain access to some special secure Library, I'll make a separate page for that.

Browse the library. This link gives you an alphabetized listing of all current Library Data pages in the SBRD campaign.

You can also use the "Search" box at upper right of this page, but be warned that it will return results through the whole Traveller Wiki, not just our campaign. You can distinguish items for our campaign as they will begin with the "Campaign:SBRD" path.

To locate World/System data if you do not know the name of the World/System, the best method is to take whatever you do know about it (Sector/Subsector) and drill down from there.

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Topic Indexes[edit]


  • List of Detailed Worlds that have received the most development, either due to importance or to being in areas most likely to be visited.


General Topics[edit]


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