Calabaa Tree

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A Calabaa Tree is a Plant that was the centre-piece of Calabaa Orchards found on Gabrael (Deneb 2807).

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Calabaa Tree is, naturally, a 30 metre high plant with a single stem from which grow a spiral group of leaves - the larger of which can be 3-5 metres in length. Each stem (or trunk) will, once it is at least 4m tall produce a feathery stalk which it uses to both distribute and filter pollen-like material in the passing winds. On the individual strands grow the Calabaa Stones that are the source of the drink Calabaa.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Calabaa Trees were present on a number of worlds in Corridor, Deneb, Tuglikki and Provence Sectors at the start of the Third Imperium but its planet of origin is obscure. It is rumoured to have been distributed as a crop by the Vargr even before the Long Night set in.

Hallin Products was a bulk supplier of Calabaa to the Million Subsector from plantations on Gabrael (Deneb 2807) and Ikhaba (Deneb 2905).

Cultivated trees are rarely over 10m tall as the quality of the Calabaa Stones that can be produced falls off as the trees age. A 10m Tree will be about 30 Imperial Years old.

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