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Group: Thrown Weapon
Tech Level TL–0
Size 100.0 mm to 1800mm length
Weight Various, typically 2 kg for weapons and 100g for sports versions
Cost Cr0-2000
Ammo None
Manufacturer Various

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Boomerang is a curved throwing-stick. A thrown Boomerang which misses the target may return to the thrower.

These weapons are ancient designs from Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) and other worlds. They are of an aerofoil cross-section which makes them move in a curved flight-path. They may, if so designed, curve sufficiently to return to the thrower. These Boomerangs may be used for sports competition.

Boomerangs designed as weapons may be used as Clubs in Melee or Thrown Weapons. Historically, they could be used to flush prey towards the thrower because they could make unexpected noise from behind the target creature.

Boomerangs may be hand-carved by the owner or may be purchased from sports shops for from Cr1 for small sports versions for children to Cr100 for high-quality competition versions. Weapon quality versions from low-tech worlds are not cheap - and historic items often cost around Cr2000. A genuine item from pre-space Terra is an unlikely find but these have gone for Cr200,000 at auction.

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