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Book Mapping is an organizational device used at the Traveller RPG Wiki to document publications.

  • It's a combination of layout, technique, and hyperlinking used to make citations and OTU research easier.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information:
Wiki Mechanics:

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Book Mapping technique is simply a way of collecting and sorting information from sources. It helps a researcher to collect the important information from a source, collate it, and sort it into important categories.

It uses the most recent publication template, organizational layout, or current style layout.

Library Data subheadings have three primary gradations and numerous sub-subheadings. The three primaries are:

  1. Selected Library Data (Public)
  2. Selected Library Data (Secret)
  3. Selected Library Data (Automated)

Selected Library Data (Public)[edit]

This is the easiest category: Anything can go here. We try to select the most important main themes, topics of interest, and related information from an article. If the list gets too long, we start to subdivide the topics into additional sub-subcategories.

  • Please see T5 Core Rules for a massive book, chocked full of hard data... that is still a work in progress as it is mined.


=== [[Library Data|Library Data Entries]] (Public) ===
# [[TBD]] 

Selected Library Data (Secret)[edit]

This subheading isn't used much, but some publications will share secret (...for the referee only) information. This code "{secret}" (...see below for the full version) will automatically generate a "ARTICLE/secret" page on which to insert the "secrets." The purpose of this subheading is to collect the secret articles if desired.

  • After nearly 40 years of Traveller publications, there are very few real secrets (...most of us have read them), but it's still fun to be in on a "secret." ...even if it's not really so secret.
  • Please see the Imperial Encyclopedia entry for an example.


=== [[Library Data|Library Data Entries]] (Secret) ===
# [[TBD]] 

Selected Library Data (Automated)[edit]

You don't have to anything to make this subheading work Just insert it into the Description (Specifications) section and it will give you crosslinked material from the references. It won't give you everything and 'key word searches,' 'what links here,' an other kinds of searches will reveal other useful information. CODE:

=== [[Library Data|Library Data Entries]] (Automated) ===


Any number of additional categories can be extracted and split off from the primary three:

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The primary goal of book mapping is to cross link Library Data articles from a publication entry to content entries making it easier for a reader to learn more about any particular article.

A secondary reason is to enable research and study of Traveller as a whole through citations and the "what links here" feature allowing researchers and authors to track a particular subject over the many years of Traveller publications.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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