Balkanized Space

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Balkanized Space is an astrographic term for an area of space dominated by non-aligned world-states.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The parts of Charted Space not dominated by the large interstellar states of the Major Races have two other major possibilities:

  • Some of this non-major-race space is occupied by independent powers, usually known as Pocket Empires. These are small fry to the larger powers and usually end up conquered , made allies of, of otherwise co-opted into larger power structures.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Much of the rest of non-major-race space is Balkanized Space.

  • Balkanized Space is alternately called "Free Space," "Pure Chaos (Anarchy)," or "Non-Aligned Space."
  • It is a vast stretch of world-states, smaller pockets of societies and civilizations that have yet to come together to form the smaller political entities known as Pocket Empires.
  • In Balkanized Space, anything goes. Might makes right. The gun rules or... Alternately some groups come together on a planetary level and form communes, monestaries, artist's villages, unrestricted mining conglomerates, and anything else that can pop into a sophont's mind.
  • You name it, it can happen in Balkanized Space.

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