244th Regimental Combat Team

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Deployed by the ranking subsector general and stationed on Nyanar (world), this is a small, independent combat command. It is deployed as part of the Edge (Da A) Subsector army. It consists of three lift rifle battalions (originally 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Battalions), a field artillery battalion, a combat engineering company, an anti-tank company, point defense/nuclear damper company, combat support company, medical platoon, headquarters company, and an army band/chemical warfare decontamination platoon. The majority of their TL–15 equipment is manufactured on Warinir (world). The infantry battalions have FGMP-15s, battledress and grav belts.

Composed of loyal imperial citizens, this unit is highly decorated. They have received unit citations and a large number of awards for combat wounds sustained in the line of duty. This might be related to the frequency with which they were assigned tough assignments on hostile worlds. This current garrison duty is seen as a reward for faithful service.

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