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Vehicle Types (Military) Synopsis[edit]


Vehicle Types (Military) Description[edit]


Vehicle Types (Military) History[edit]


Vehicle Types (Military) Classifications[edit]

The Military of the Imperium acknowledges several broad vehicle classes in its martial service:

* Small (Beasts of Burden) Mounts
* Regular (Beasts of Burden) Mounts
* Large (Beasts of Burden) Mounts
* Very Large (Beasts of Burden) Mounts 
* Personal (Wheeled) Vehicles
* Utility (Wheeled) Vehicles
* AFV (Wheeled) Vehicles
* ATV (Wheeled) Vehicles
* Freight (Wheeled) Vehicles
** Semi-trucks
* Rail Vehicles
** Personal Rail Vehicles
** Conventional Tracked Rail Vehicles
*** Subways
*** Surface Railroads
*** Monorail (Elevated) Rail Vehicles
** Maglev Rail Vehicles
 ** Grav Trains
* Very Large (Wheeled) Vehicles (Industrial)
  • 3. Tracked Vehicles
* Personal (Tracked) Vehicles
* Freight (Tracked) Vehicles
* AFV (Tracked) Vehicles
* ATV (Tracked) Vehicles
* Very Large (Tracked) Vehicles (Industrial)
* Personal (ACV) Vehicles
* Freight (ACV) Vehicles
* AFV (ACV) Vehicles
* Very Large (ACV) Vehicles (Industrial)
* Personal (Grav) Vehicles
* Battlepod (Grav) Vehicles (Infantry)
* Air/raft Utility (Grav) Vehicles
* Freight (Grav) Vehicles
* AFV (Grav) Vehicles (Grav Tanks)
* Very Large (Grav) Vehicles (Industrial)
* G-Carrier (Grav) Vehicles
* Grav APC (Grav) Vehicles
* Digger (Subterranean) Vehicles
* Submarines (Submersible Ships)
* Surface Ships
** Hydrofoils
** Mono-hulled Ships
** Multi-hill Ships
** Surface Effect Ships
* Airships
** LTA Airships
** HTA Airships
** Aerostats
** Stratellites (High-altitude Airships)
* Aircraft
** Aerodynes
** Airfoil-winged Aircraft
** Rotary-winged Aircraft
** WIG Aicraft
* Close Orbit Aerocraft
* Interface Aerocraft
* Speeders (Gravcraft)
* Transorbital Airships

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