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Maorin Stat (Polity) Goals[edit]


Maorin Stat (Polity) History & Background[edit]

Maorin Stat "Developed by a racist society as a refuge during the end of the First Imperium, the settlements were taken over by a wave of folk fleeing the break up. Prominent among them were the Maorin Starfarers, descended from the Maori of Terra. Developed since then in a distinctly non-racist manner, the Maorin Stat has offered opportunities for any who cared to settle there. Although adequately agressive in self-defense, the people are not expansionist. Sharp traders and well able to defend themselves, they range freely throughout the local starsectors." --Maranantha-Alkahest Sector Guidebook

Maorin Stat (Polity) Government & Politics[edit]


Maorin Stat (Polity) Technology & Trade[edit]


Maorin Stat (Polity) Military & Intelligence[edit]

Naval Technology: TL–13 at capital. They use armed Maorin Junkers for fleet operations.

Maorin Stat (Polity) Sectors & Astrography[edit]


References & Background (Sources)[edit]

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