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A Capital is the center of governance and political activity within a polity.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

There are three Trade Classifications involving capitals within the interstellar trade system.

Trade Classification Codes
Class Code Type Remarks
Subsector Capital (Cp) Political The capital of the local region, usually a subsector in size.
Sector Capital (Cs) Political The capital of a group of hundreds of star systems, typically a sector in size.
Imperial Capital (Cx) Political The overall capital of an interstellar government, an interstellar polity.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Capitals exist at nearly all levels of societal development. A soon as societies become large enough to separate into distinctive sub-polities, dominance among competing factions on a regional or locational level become important and the most dominant becomes designated the capital.

Charted Space has grown to be an interstellar system with an interlinking systems of competing polities whose economies affect one another. Any capital at the subsector level, Pocket Empire level, or above acquires a Capital Trade Classification. The smaller capitals at the World-State, balkanized Nation-State, or lower levels simply lacks the authority under the majority of conditions to effectively compete on the interstellar market. Such worlds may matter individually, but they will lack the authority of bigger fish to influence the economic system significantly.

Standard Polity Growth Sequence[edit]



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