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Classification Flyer
Status Minor Race
Size 1.2 m
Weight 35 kg
Homeworld Byret (Spinward Marches 2523)
Multi-world No
Canon Yes
Extinct Extant
Psi Potential Standard
Reference The Spinward Marches Campaign .

The Larianz are a Minor Race native to Byret (Spinward Marches 2523)

The Larianz are descended from four-limbed flyers native to Byret (Spinward Marches 2523). They stand approximately 1.2m tall, massing some 35kg on average. The upper limbs are large wings, which when folded are also used for ground locomotion (the Larianz effectively stand, and walk, on their "elbows"). The lower pair of limbs are modified for manipulation.

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