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Martin Rait is a project manager who works in the creative sector and operates a small publishing and design business. He resides in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Starting in 1991 he was involved in the HIWG New Zealand group, and was the publisher and editor of The Meshan Saga, the groups Fanzine from 1995 to 1999 after obtaining a licence from GDW. He designed the HIWGNZ website (along with various member websites) and hosted them on GeoCities until he acquired his own server. Although no longer hosting the HIWGNZ website, he still hosts and assists in the maintenance of former HIWGNZ member websites that still contain Traveller content (as of 2008).

In 2001 Martin obtained a license from Marc Miller to publish a small set of commercial books for Meshan Sector during the Classic Traveller period. In late 2002 the project was put on hold.

Martin has been active in some other gaming areas, including involving his team in the production of some game board maps for Jolly Rodger Games (through an approach by Marc Miller) and the establishment of FSpace Publications to publish the science fiction game FSpaceRPG.

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