Z-80 class Grav Tank

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Tech Level TL–14
Mode Flight (Grav)
Type Main Battle Tank

Zhodani grav tank.

Z-80 Basic Grav Tank Profile[edit]

Z-80 Basic Grav Tank Profile
TL Designation Name Tank Class Mass Primary User Main Armament/s Secondary Armament/s Mobility Mode Armor Class Primary Manufacturer Date of Introduction
TL 14 Z-80 Z-80 Grav Tank Main Battle Tank (MBT) Classified Zhodani Consulate Fusion Gun VRF Gauss Gun Grav [50+] sealed with life support Zhodani Consulate Classified


A minimal crew, cramped interior spaces, sharply sloped armor on all faces is wedded to quick NOE maneuverability. The direct fire fusion gun is optimized to defeat the frontal armor of a Trepida grav tank at effective range and the co-axially mounted point defense VRF gauss gun is effective versus lighter targets and infantry. They can go 1,000kph at maximum speed and have been fitted with an EM Mask and several prismatic aerosols.

Strategy & Doctrine[edit]

They are typically deployed in heavy Armored Battalions with 88 tanks. These robust units are designed to take massive loses and stay in the fight. They tend to out number lighter imperial units. They are used for direct assault and reconnaissance in force missions.

Z-84 Hybrid Grav/Hover Tank Export Model[edit]

NON-CANON: Using lower tech manufacturing, the base model Z-84 utilizes a lower powered grav lift unit in combination with a ducted fan/plenum chamber arrangement. The armor is not as durable and the tank is not able to actually fly. The gravity augmentation alone is not sufficient to lift the tank and must be in concert with the lift fans for adequate lift to be a fully mobile armored unit. These units have been built under license in the Sword Worlds and provide the backbone of their armored capability. Some units have been sold to SW mercenary regiments such as Hammer's Slammers Trouble in the Spinward Marches (CT) Play By Email Campaign

Battalion Command HHC
  • Communication Platoon – 3 × Command Sleds, Sensors, ECM, Jammers, Laser/Maser/Radio Communication Uplinks
  • Reconnaissance Platoon – 5 × Scout Speeders
  • Service Platoon – 2 × ARV, 2 Workshop Sleds, 2 Utility Vans
1st Company – 22 × Z-80 MBT
  • Company Command – 2 × Z-80 MBT for CO and XO
  • 1st Platoon – 5 × Z-80
  • 2nd Platoon – 5 × Z-80
  • 3rd Platoon – 5 × Z-80
  • 4th Platoon – 5 × Z-80
2nd Company – 22 × Z-80 (composed as 1st Company)
3rd Company – 22 × Z-80 (composed as 1st Company)
4th Company – 22 × Z-80 (composed as 1st Company)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Hard hitting with strong frontal armor, they are designed for aggressive maneuvers. There were some reliability problems owing to the complexity of the design but most of those have been worked out with latter models.

They have served with Mechanized, Armored and Lift Rifle formations throughout consulate space and beyond. They are part of a tried and true, steady evolution of tank design. They are not designed to be perfect, just good enough to get the job done economically. They have a utilitarian efficiency and lack special features. They are easy to maintain and have proven reliable once problems with the avionics and grav generators were worked out. Some models suffered fire control problems until a better passive EMS sensor array was retro-fitted.

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